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Community Life of God
Community Life of God by Milt Rodriguez

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Author: Milt Rodriguez
Subtitle: Seeing the Godhead As the Model for All Relationsh
Format: Paperback
Length: 198 Pages
Published: 2009

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Seeing that the headwaters for all church life and form is the community life of the Father, Son, and Spirit. This is both theological and practical. The corporate life that God lives by (eternal life) is the same life that He gives to us. This is a life of loving one another and Jesus said that it comes from heaven (see John 17). This community life is both the engine and the fuel for our lives together as believers, the backbone of organic church life.

Table of Contents


The God Who is Community

Gods Corporate Man

The Fall

The Result of Individualism

The Essence of Personhood

The Coming of the Seed

Life Within the Seed

The Planting of the Seed

The Second Adam

The Oneness of God

Diversity in Oneness

The Divine Relationship

Divine Possession



The Life of the Cross

The Life Comes to Earth

Walking It Out

Conforming to His Image

The Image is the Purpose

The Image as Mission

The Perfect Model Conclusion


This little book provides a clear window into the ultimate source of authentic body life. Delve into its pages and meet the God who is beyond what most of us have imagined, the God in whose collective voice all genuine churches echo.

Frank Viola, Author

My heart rejoices as I have profited from the steady flow of books published in the past ten years that have opened up new vistas concerning life in the Body of Christ. The Community Life of God by Milt Rodgriguez is another welcome addition to this life-stream. I was deeply blessed, refreshed and challenged by this book. The author casts the spotlight on the reality and wonder that God is really the community life of three persons a fact virtually untouched in traditional theology. Milt shows from various angles how the community life of God is the foundation of our organic ekklesia life together in Christ.

Jon Zens, Editor, Searching Together; Author

About the Author

Milt Rodriguez has been a professional website designer for the last seven years. His lifes work is to plant first century style house churches and author articles and books on Christ and His church.