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Starting a House Church
Starting a House Church by Larry Kreider and Floyd McClung

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Author: Larry Kreider and Floyd McClung
Subtitle: A New Model for Living Out Your Faith
Format: Paperback
Length: 188 Pages

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Theres a new way of doing church, and its taking North America by storm! The growing house-church movement is tapping into the desire of Christians everywhere to meet the needs of their communities in a way traditional churches cannot, offering community and simplicity.

Here, a recognized authority on the house-church movement and a popular pastor and speaker share their expertise in starting and maintaining a healthy house church. Youll discover:

  • How to start your own house church
  • Best practice models for planting and leading house churches
  • The differences between a small group or cell group and a house church
  • Current and future trends in the house-church movement
  • How to work together with local, traditional and mega-churches
  • In these pages, youll find all the information you need about this new way of doing church.

    Table of Contents

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    Chapter 1: Theres a New Kind of Church Emerging!

    Chapter 2: Different Kinds of Churches for Different Kinds of People

    Chapter 3: The Most Effective Way to Evangelize: Start New Churches

    Chapter 4: The Role of Spiritual Fathers and Mothers

    Chapter 5: Our Measuring Stick: The Vibrant, Early Church Model

    Chapter 6: What Does a House Church Look Like?

    Chapter 7: Every Generation Needs Their Own Form of Church

    Chapter 8: How to Be the Church

    Chapter 9: How to Start a House Church

    Chapter 10: Children in House Churches

    Chapter 11: Guess Whos Leading the Way?

    Chapter 12: House Churches in North America

    Chapter 13: What About Leadership?

    Chapter 14: Pitfalls to Avoid

    Chapter 15: House, Community and Mega-churches Working Together

    About the Authors


    Here is an almost forgotten vision and model of church that was actually the very first and original form of the Church to have entered the West. Floyd and Larry, both healthy apostolic father figures in our time, express here what millions are hearing the Spirit say to the churches. Give a few dozens of copies away to your friends and help spread an immense spark of hope!

    Wolfgang Simson, Author

    When it comes to the Church today, one size doesnt fit all. Most of us find our church home in a building with a pastor and a congregation. But a rapidly growing number of American believers are moving away from our traditional churches. This excellent book explains why and what can be done about it. I strongly recommend Starting a House Church for anyone who wants to keep up with the times!

    C. Peter Wagner, Presiding Apostle, International Coalition of Apostles

    About the Author

    Larry Kreider, after serving as senior pastor of a cell church in Pennsylvania for 15 years, currently serves in Lititz, PA, as International Director of DOVE Christian Fellowship International, a network of cell-based and house (micro) churches scattered throughout five continents. He has spent more than two decades training Christian leaders nationally and internationally to become spiritual mentors and to make disciples within the cell-group and house-church movement.

    Floyd McClung was until recently the senior pastor of Metro Fellowship, a growing church in Kansas City, MO, and is now the international director of All Nations, an international network of church-planting teams and partner churches and ministries based in Cape Town, South Africa. All Nations has long-term church-planting teams in 15 different countries and conducts specialized leadership and discipleship seminars.