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Releasing the Voice of the Ekklesia
Releasing the Voice of the Ekklesia by Barbara Wentroble

Price: $15.99
Author: Barbara Wentroble
Subtitle: Your Voice Can Change Earth
Format: Paperback
Length: 136 Pages
Published: 2020

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The sound is the voice of the Church that Jesus said He would build. “I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it” (Matthew 16:18). When Jesus spoke about His church, He used the Greek word Ekklesia. The Ekklesia is God’s covenantal people called out to manage Earth. Believers are empowered to fulfill their purpose in the Kingdom of God. They are empowered to use their voices to demolish strongholds, evil spirits and powers resisting the will of God.

Readers of this book gain understanding of the Kingdom mandate God has for His people. You discover revelation being released for operating in a new level of authority by using your voice to transform lives, regions, and nations. A prophetic season is upon the Ekklesia for releasing their voices to gather a Glory Harvest! Let your voice be released!

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Ekklesia Arising
Chapter 2: Ekklesia’s Voice Releases a Sound That Disturbs
Chapter 3: A New Identity Releases Ekklesia’s Voice
Chapter 4: Ekklesia’s Voice Releases God’s Power
Chapter 5: Ekklesia’s Voice Releases Territorial Legislation
Chapter 6: Ekklesia’s Voice Releases Angels
Chapter 7: Ekklesia’s Voice Releases Authority
Chapter 8: Ekklesia’s Voice Releases Corporate Power
Chapter 9: Ekklesia’s Voice Releases Signs, Wonders and Miracles
Chapter 10: Ekklesia’s Voice Released in the Marketplace
Chapter 11: Ekklesia’s Voice Releases a Glory Harvest
About the Author
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About the Author:
Barbara Wentroble is founder and president of International Breakthrough Ministries (IbM) and Breakthrough Business Leaders (BBL). She has coached and mentored leaders in all spheres of culture to succeed in their God-given assignments. Barbara leads a strategic network of visionary leaders globally. She operates in a strong apostolic prophetic anointing. Barbara conducts leadership conferences that empower leaders to bring change to their spheres of influence. She is the author of thirteen books. Barbara and her husband live in Lantanta, Texas.