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Ecclesia Manifesto
Ecclesia Manifesto by Don Lynch

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Author: Don Lynch
Format: Paperback
Length: 32 Pages
Published: 2018

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The next battle within God's kingdom will be the definition and meaning of "Church." The battle for the authority of the Scriptures did not go well. Even with greater access to the Bible, we have fewer people reading It. Worse, we have much less respect for the Bible as the Source of Truth. Further, the Bible receives little consideration of lifestyle or culture. Moderns are embarrassed by the Bible. It makes them uncomfortable before their friends. It says they should discipline children. It says God created the Earth in six days. It says men should marry women. While many believers still see these thoughts as nice thoughts, they are embarrassed that the Bible says them. It makes them feel uncomfortable in the existing culture. Now, the church has become the victim of the same discomfort. In fact, the church has been completely redesigned to accommodate what moderns want. Take what you want. Ignore what you dislike. Once applied to Scripture is now applied to the church.

Jesus has a different point of view. He intends to restore "church" to what He originally designed and defined it to be. Now. Don Lynch prophesies that the coming decade will be the greatest in history. A New Era Reformation demands a reset of the kingdom culture as the basis for the restoration of kingdom Ecclesia. His book, Ecclesia Manifesto will give greater detail for this discussion. This booklet is an introduction modified into a booklet. It will open your eyes to the discussion in ways you have not considered. Right from the verses of the Bible usually applied to modern definitions, he will ask questions that Jesus will answer in His own words. The conclusion is very different from what most believers experience on Sunday mornings in America.