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Elders at the Gates
Elders at the Gates by Mosy Madugba

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Author: Mosy Madugba
Format: Paperback
Length: 193 Pages
Published: 2013

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Long before the church was born, God had His elders at the gates. When the Church is raptured home, she will meet elders in Heaven. City elders are not local Church elders. This book will help explain who the city elders are and their crucial biblical roles in keeping a city safe, pure and able to avert divine judgement, giving spiritual and political direction and bring down the blessing and favor of God in a geographical location. Who mans the gates of your land, satanic priests, the occultic, or knowledgeable Christian elders?

This book will help you bring the evidence of God’s glory to your city. You will read of miraculous divine intervention in the affairs of families, cities and nations. This book helps explain a few global puzzles the secular world has no answers for. You will find it a powerful resource in learning how to pray for yourself, your family, your city, nation and your world.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Who is a Christian Elder?
Chapter 2: How the Elders Function in the New Testament Church
Chapter 3: More Function of the City Elders for Today
Chapter 4: How to Set Up an Elders Forum in a City - Qualifications Summarized
Chapter 5: Gates
Chapter 6: Types of Gates
Chapter 7: Battles at the Gates
Chapter 8: How to Bring Healing to the Land
Chapter 9: Elders at the Gate
Questions and Answers
Chapter 10: City Eldership and Prophetic Presbytery

About the Author:
Rev. Dr. Mosy Madugba, M.Div., D.D.) a professor of missions and biblical theology in two seminaries, is the International Director of Spiritual Life Outreach, a multi-national, indigenous Missionary Agency and Evangelistic Ministry. He is also the International Head Coordinator of Ministers Prayer Network, a Global Apostolic and Prophetic Network of Christian Leaders and Intercessors. He is the Executive Director of Africa Leadership Institute and President of West Africa School of Missions. Rev. Mosy resides in the city of Port Harcourt, Nigeria with his family.