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Redeeming The Land
Redeeming The Land by Gwen Shaw

Price: $13.99
Author: Gwen Shaw
Format: Paperback
Length: 231 Pages
Published: 1987

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This book is a weapon that will make the devil numb! We, the publishers cannot emphasize strongly enough the powerful message of this Bible Study. You will be changed and your land will be changed as you are awakened to rise up, go forth and do the mighty works of God. The call to Redeem the Land is now in your hands. Read it. Do it. And you will leave your impact upon both the seen and the unseen world.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Gods Original Created Work was Perfect

Chapter 2: Satan His Titles, His Works and His Aims

Chapter 3: The Five Original Curses

Chapter 4: The Origin of Apostacy

Chapter 5: Tracing Nimrod and Semiramis Through the History of Israel

Chapter 6: Things that Give the Evil Spirits Legal Right to Set Up Their Base of Operation

Chapter 7: Ranks of Demonic Ruling Spirits

Chapter 8: How Satan Establishes His Territory

Chapter 9: How Satan Works and Whom He Attacks

Chapter 10: What Happens When Gods Laws are Transgressed

Chapter 11: The Authority of the Believer Over Demon Spirits

Chapter 12: The Powerless Church

Chapter 13: The Lords Table

Chapter 14: Testimonies of Redeeming the Land