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Battle-Ready Remnant
Battle-Ready Remnant by Caleb Cooper

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Author: Caleb Cooper
Subtitle: Called to Contend
Format: Paperback
Length: 268 Pages
Published: 2023

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This book functions as a practical biblical guide in spiritual warfare as the revival remnant contends in the last days to gain victory in the invisible realm. We do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against demonic powers in the unseen realm. The blood bought believers in Jesus Christ must learn to engage in spiritual warfare from their rightful seat in heavenly places far above all principalities and powers viewing the spiritual battlefield from an aerial view.

Are you living your life battle ready? This book will arm you with biblical understanding to sustain a combat-ready position in the spiritual realm This battle-ready position includes knowing who you are n Christ, fighting from the proper position, putting on the full armor of God and knowing that the Lord is a Man who is the God of battles!

Table of Contents:
Introduction: The Real Invisible Enemy
Chapter 1: The Rise of the Revival Remnant
Chapter 2: Discerning the Enemy’s Spiritual Confusion of Collusion
Chapter 3: The Remnant Preaches the Truth and Doesn’t Look Back
Chapter 4: Revival Remnant Voices of Awakening
Chapter 5: Revival Glory Revealed through Jesus Christ
Chapter 6: Contending from the Place of Glory
Chapter 7: God Governs, Guards, and Guides the Invisible Realm
Chapter 8: Fighting from Another Dimension
Chapter 9: Armed with the Revelation of Salvation
Chapter 10: Defending Your Heart on the Spiritual Battlefield
Chapter 11: Upholding the Truth and Standing on God’s Peace
Chapter 12: Taking Up Your Shield of Faith and Sword of the Spirit
Chapter 13: The Realm of Demonic Powers and Angelic Forces
Chapter 14: Releasing the Angelic Armies of Heaven in the Invisible Realm
Chapter 15: The God of Battles Fights for the Battle-Ready Remnant
Prayer of Salvation to Give Your Heart to Jesus
About the Author

About the Author:
Caleb Cooper is a firebrand revivalist that operates in the apostolic and prophetic believing God to change atmospheres and transform regions with revival and awakening. He earned his Doctorate of Biblical Studies from FountainGate School of Revival in Mesa, Arizona and has served as a senior pastor for almost two decades.