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Reckless Devotion
Reckless Devotion by Rolland and Heidi Baker

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Author: Rolland and Heidi Baker
Subtitle: 365 Days Into the Heart of Radical Love
Format: Paperback
Length: 376 Pages
Published: 2014

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Whether stopping for the one in a dusty village in Mozambique or reaching out to the world, Heidi and Rolland model – and invite everyone into – the radical love that thrills God’s heart.

Energized by their work on the frontlines of minister, the Bakers weave together miraculous stories, Scriptures, encouraging devotional thoughts and prayer to take you through the year.

Every day is a fresh invitation to live fully devoted to God. When you surrender to Him and allow His presence to grow in you, you will find, like the Bakers, that you don’t become less of yourself; you actually become more fully the person He has always intended you to be. Join Heidi and Rolland for an unforgettable year of sold-out, passionate reckless devotion to the One who loves you more than you can imagine.

Table of Contents:

Week 1: An Adventure Beyond Your Wildest Imaginings
Week 2: Allowing Jesus Complete Access
Week 3: Centering Life on Jesus
Week 4: Carrying and Sharing the Presence
Week 5: Living with Passion, Loving with Compassion
Week 6: Serving from a Place of Rest
Week 7: Following the Leader
Week 8: Trusting the Father to Guide and Provide
Week 9: Passion for His Presence
Week 10: Drawing on the Riches of Heaven
Week 11: Losing Ourselves in Him
Week 12: Offering Our “Little” to God
Week 13: The Evidence of Heaven’s Presence
Week 14: Enjoying God’s Relentless Kindness
Week 15: Understanding Power in Weakness
Week 16: Finding Joy and Authenticity
Week 17: Hopelessly in Love with Jesus
Week 18: Being Uniquely You – and His
Week 19: Standing on Daddy’s Feet
Week 20: Abiding and Walking in Your True Identity
Week 21: Remaining Plugged In
Week 22: Remaining Plugged In
Week 23: Emptying Yourself to Be Refilled
Week 24: The Cycle of Fullness and Emptiness
Week 25: Giving Away What You Cannot Keep
Week 26: Simple Acts of Obedience
Week 27: Overshadowed b His Presence
Week 28: Being Who You Were Born to Be
Week 29: Entrusting All to Him
Week 30: Pouring Out Love on Others
Week 31: He Makes Everything New
Week 32: Letting Jesus Be in Charge
Week 33: Resting in God’s Goodness
Week 34: Bringing Everything to Him
Week 35: Making Ourselves Small
Week 36: Clothing Ourselves with Jesus
Week 37: Beautiful Fragrance
Week 38: Pressing On Toward the Goal
Week 39: Let God Break In
Week 40: Simply Sharing
Week 41: What Does Jesus Want to Do?
Week 42: Who Are the Disciples?
Week 43: Getting Lower and Slower
Week 44: Seeking and Finding
Week 45: Hunger
Week 46: Trusting God for Everything
Week 47: Growing Down
Week 48: Who Is in Charge?
Week 49: The Power of Suffering
Week 50: The Fruit of Suffering
Week 51: The Path to Joy
Week 52: God with Us
Final Words

About the Authors:

Heidi and Rolland Baker, founders of Iris Global, served as missionaries in Indonesia and Hong Kong before following God’s call in 1995 to Mozambique. In the face of overwhelming need, the Bakers now watch God provide miraculously for well over 10,000 children every day through their ministry, and many more through the Iris network of more than 10,000 churches, Bible schools, primary schools and remote outreach programs. They live in Mozambique in southeast Africa.