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Keys to Experiencing Azusa Fire
Keys to Experiencing Azusa Fire by Jeff Oliver and Rick Joyner

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Author: Jeff Oliver and Rick Joyner
Subtitle: Lessons from the Revival that Changed the Landscape of Global Christianity
Format: Paperback
Length: 301 Pages
Published: 2024

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Could we be headed for another Azusa Street Revival―only this time, with an even greater global outpouring of God's glory?

Diving deep into the extraordinary story of the Azusa Street Revival―and its incredible, ongoing impact on the global church―revival experts and bestselling authors Jeff Oliver and Rick Joyner reveal the keys to reigniting an even greater movement today. By humbling yourself and overcoming resistance, you can make history.

Full of incredible testimonies, biblical teaching, and captivating storytelling, Keys to Experiencing Azusa Fire reveals that this miraculous revival is not only a part of history, but also a prophetic vision for the future. Unearthing both the godly and practical wisdom woven throughout the events at Azusa, you’ll discover how to:
  • Increase your receptivity to the Spirit and devotion to Jesus.
  • Humbly discern and steward a true move of God.
  • Endure persecution with faith, not fear.
  • Receive a landscape-changing deluge of the Holy Spirit.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: “Because They Were the Humblest”
Chapter 2: William Joseph Seymour
Chapter 3: The Bonnie Brae Revival
Chapter 4: 312 Azusa Street
Chapter 5: The Deluge
Chapter 6: Parham and Seymour Part Ways
Chapter 7: Opposition and Critics
Chapter 8: The Revival Spreads
Chapter 9: The Angels, Heavenly Choir, Box, Glory, and Flames
Chapter 10: Everyday Healings and Notable Miracles
Chapter 11: Brother Seymour
Chapter 12: The Deline, Second Shower, and Demise
Chapter 13: The Azusa Street Legacy
Chapter 14: The Pilgrims of Azusa Street
Chapter 15: Beginning of a Worldwide Revival
Chapter 16: Unlocking Azusa Fire by Rick Joyner
About Jeff Oliver
About Rick Joyner

About the Authors:
Jeff Oliver is Associate Pastor for MorningStar Fellowship Church in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Jeff authored the Pentecost to the Present trilogy on the Holy Spirit’s work in history and is founder and president of Global Wakening, a ministry that is inspiring and equipping a new generation with a supernatural worldview.

Rick Joyner has authored more than seventy books. He is the founder of MorningStar Ministries, a multi-faceted mission organization known around the world.