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Prophetic Ditch Digging
Prophetic Ditch Digging by Alistair Petrie

Price: $7.99
Author: Alistair Petrie
Subtitle: Preparing for Breakthrough
Format: Paperback
Length: 31 Pages
Published: 2018

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In spite of the challenges we face in this day and age, we are also witnessing a move of God on a global scale that is without precedence. This book is the first in a series of books that will enable us to connect to this worldwide move of God at a local level.

Table of Contents:
Introduction: Possessing Our Inheritance
Chapter 1: Knowing the Assignment
Chapter 2: Are We Walking in Circles? 2 Kings 3
Chapter 3: Digging Ditches is Hard Word
Chapter 4: Digging Ditches in Our Communities
Chapter 5: And the Land was Filled with Water


Alistair Petrie is an exceptional teacher and uses insights from 2 Kings 3 to compel us to inquire of the Lord, address issues in the land and to dig ditches that will be conduits of God’s provision and healing for our cities and lands. His insights help us to root the teaching into our communities, in every sphere, working in relationship, in the opposite spirit and in faith and expectancy.
Wendy Yapp, Perth Together, Perth, Australia

Excellent! In a few pages and with great clarity, Alistair distils his years of experience praying for and on the land into a high-quality guide for working with God to achieve the seemingly impossible. Whether you are an individual, prayer group or church leader, if you are frustrated and needing a breakthrough in or for your community – this book is for you!
Alistair Barton, Director, Pray for Scotland

About the Author:
Alistair Petrie travels extensively to many nations researching and teaching these transformation principles, in both church and city settings as well as in the marketplace arena. Obtaining his doctorate through Fuller Seminary, he has been a guest lecturer at several academic settings and schools of ministry. As well as being an international speaker, he is also the author of several books and serves as the Executive Director of Partnership Ministries. He is married to Marie and along with their two sons, Mike and Richard, their entire family serves the wider church and the marketplace in the global arena.