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Prayers Against Satanic Oppression
Prayers Against Satanic Oppression by Prayer Madueke

Price: $12.99
Author: Prayer Madueke
Format: Paperback
Published: 2020

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As a born-again Christian, you cannot live a fulfilled life when you are under satanic oppression. While many Christians have lowered their guards, satanic oppressions have continued to account for reasons why the world and its inhabitants are in subjugation. The time has come for true believers to rise up in fervent prayers to bring satanic activities on earth under control.

In this book, Prayer Madueke has provided a useful prayer guide for true prayer warriors of our time. Prayers in this series include prayers for protection from evil spirits, overcoming hopelessness, against all odds, arrows in the dream, attacks on churches, bewitchment, the spirit of confusion, marine curses, marine covenants, natural disasters, opposition at the workplace, destroyers of environments, attacks in the dream, graveyard spirits, the power of sin, unknown enemies, overturn your defeats, disengage evil partners, overcome stress, crush witchcraft attacks, cast out sexual demons, cast out the demon of epilepsy, burn satanic liabilities. Now you have a tool in your hand to top the oppression of Satan and his demons.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Personal Deliverance
How to Conduct Personal Deliverance
Chapter 2: The Command To Cast Out Demons
Chapter 3: The Ministry of the Devil
Chapter 4: How To Conduct Personal Deliverance
Prayers for Deliverance

Warfare Section
Chapter 1: Prayer for Protection From Evil Spirits
Chapter 2: Prayer to Overcome Hopelessness
Chapter 3: Prayer Against All Odds
Chapter 4: prayer Against Arrows In the Dream
Chapter 5: Prayer Against Attacks On Churches
Chapter 6: Prayer Against Bewitchment
Chapter 7: Prayer Against the Spirit of Confusion
Chapter 8: Prayer Against Marine Covenants
Chapter 9: Prayer Against Marine Curses
Chapter 10: Prayer Against Natural Disasters
Chapter 11: Prayer to Overcome Opposition at Workplace
Chapter 12: Prayer Against Graveyard Spirits
Chapter 13: Prayer Against Attacks in the Dream
Chapter 14: Prayer Against Destroyers of Environments
Chapter 15: Prayer Against the Power of Sin
Chapter 16: Prayer Against Unknown Enemies
Chapter 17: Prayer to Burn Satanic Liabilities
Chapter 18: Prayer to Cast Out Demon of Epilepsy
Chapter 19: Prayer to Cast Out Sexual Demons
Chapter 20: Prayer to Close Witchcraft Doors
Chapter 21: Prayer to Crossover to the Next Level
Chapter 22: Prayer to Crush Witchcraft Attacks
Chapter 23: Prayer to Overturn Your Defeats
Chapter 24: Prayer to Disengage Evil Partners
Chapter 25: Prayer to Overcome Stress

About the Author:
Prayer Madueke is a notable spiritual warfare expert. From humble beginnings, he has risen through the ranks after serving in national and international capacities. A dynamic deliverance minister, proclaimer of holiness, and a prolific writer, whose works have profited many people around the world, Prayer Madueke has continued to declare that effective prayers of the righteous people availeth much. Presently, he is the founder of Prayer Emancipation Missions. He is happily married to Pastor Roseline Madueke and they are blessed with wonderful children.