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Satan's Dirty Little Secret Revised Edition
Satan's Dirty Little Secret by Steve Foss

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Author: Steve Foss
Format: Paperback
Length: 132 Pages
Published: 2012

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Satan's Dirty Little Secret exposes the two demons behind all of Satans attacks. This prophetic revelation given in a vision to Pastor Steve Foss exposes how the enemy operates and shows you . . .

  • How Satan uses the same two spirits he released on Eve in the garden as gateways to every other form of demonic assault
  • How to successfully defeat these weapons and live free from the bondage of the enemy's attacks

The power of the Holy Spirit and Gods Word can transform you into the image of God. Live in the confidence of Gods love and power. You can triumph over Satan and accomplish everything God has planned for your life!

Table of Contents

Foreword by Morris Cerullo


Chapter 1: Satans Strategy Exposed

Chapter 2: A Setup in the Garden

Chapter 3: The Sin of Comparison

Chapter 4: The Advertising Trap

Chapter 5: The Money Pit

Chapter 6: Misplaced Identity

Chapter 7: Caught in the Middle

Chapter 8: The Trapped Christian

Chapter 9: The Keys to Successful Warfare

Chapter 10: True and False Repentance

Chapter 11: Satans Endgame

Chapter 12: The Judgment Seat

Chapter 13: Walls of Fear

Chapter 14: The Power of Agape Love

Chapter 15: The Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation

Chapter 16: Eyes to See

Chapter 17: Walk in Freedom


About the Author

Steve Foss has traveled the nations for more than twenty years ministering to millions of people and training tens of thousands of pastors and leaders. Steve is the founding pastor of The Upper Room Church, one of the fastest-growing churches in Texas. He is well known around the world as a powerful prophetic voice to this generation.