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Discerning And Defeating The Ahab Spirit
Discerning And Defeating The Ahab Spirit by Steve Sampson

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Author: Steve Sampson
Subtitle: The Key to Breaking Free from Jezebel
Format: Paperback
Length: 220 Pages
Published: 2010

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While many believers are familiar with the Jezebel spirit the spirit of control and dominance many are unfamiliar with her age-old partner: the Ahab spirit. In order for Jezebel to have control, she needs someone to control. As a result, the Ahab spirit robs believers of their rightful authority, causing them to:

  • Avoid conflict at any cost
  • Feel unworthy and inferior to those around them
  • Live with fear, shame and guilt

You dont have to live this way. Passivity is a spiritual problem, not a personality trait, and you can be free from it! Once you learn to exercise the godly assertiveness that comes from being in Christ, you can throw off the spirit of passivity.

When you seek Gods balance in your life, you will find the crippling discomfort of being under an Ahab spirit being replaced by joy. Then you can step into the significant purposes God has for you: increasing your influence, becoming a positive force for change and helping to expand His Kingdom.

Table of Contents


Foreword by Bishop Mark J. Chironna, Ph.D.


Part 1: An Age-Old Battle: Pitting the Passivity of Ahab Against the Aggressiveness of Jezebel

Chapter 1: A Passive Spirit

Chapter 2: Passive versus Aggressive

Chapter 3: Self-Defeat, Rebellion and Rejection

Chapter 4: Orphans and Victims

Chapter 5: Wounded People

Chapter 6: Passivity in Marriage

Chapter 7: Lifetime Patterns

Chapter 8: Defense Mechanisms

Chapter 9: Identity Theft

Part 2 A God-Provided Solution: Living Assertively Through Jesus Christ

Chapter 10: Provoked from Passivity

Chapter 11: Understanding Assertiveness

Chapter 12: Pursuing Assertiveness

Part 3: A Life of Freedom: Enjoying the Benefits of Assertive Living

Chapter 13: God Loves a Thankful Heart

Chapter 14: Increasing Your Influence

Chapter 15: Growing Gods Kingdom

Chapter 16: Working Out Your Own Salvation

Conclusion: Ahab in Recovery


Steve Sampson shares with us on a critical issue for all believers in this hour. We have passively withdrawn from the battle again and again, and our children and this nation have suffered from the consequences of the Ahab spirit. May God use the insights in this book to help us take back the high places and release once again the Spirit of Elijah.

Mahesh Chavda, Senior Pastor, All Nations Church, Charlotte, NC

Steve Sampson has been given a unique prophetic anointing and is setting the captives free. His book Confronting Jezebel brought me life on every page. The illumination and insight caused the darkness around me to flee. Now he is giving us this new work that will continue where Confronting Jezebel left off, arming us with true revelation from Gods Word.

Dr. Joe VanKoevering, Host, Gods News Behind the News

About the Author

Steve Sampson has written several books about the Christian walk, including the bestselling Confronting Jezebel. He travels extensively, offering encouragement, faith and healing to the Body of Christ. He has three children and lives in Birmingham, Alabama.