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Pour Out Your Heart
Pour Out Your Heart by Gwen Shaw

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Author: Gwen Shaw
Subtitle: A Bible Study on Intercessory, Travailing Prayer
Format: Paperback
Length: 51 Pages
Published: 1977

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As Satan sharpens his tools against the church of the living God it is time for us to realize we are not helpless in the great battle. We have wonderful resources. One of these is the power of deep, spiritual, Holy Spirit prayer, which is not unlike the agonizing prayer Christ offered in the garden.

  • Are you facing a personal Calvary?
  • Does the way seem blocked by the sins and hardness of those you love?
  • Is your country at the brink of destruction?
  • Does someone need to be saved?

Travailing, weeping prayer - the pouring out of your soul like water before the Lord - changes everything. This Bible study will revolutionize your life.

Table of Contents

From the Throne Room


Lesson 1: The Art of Praying in the Spirit

Lesson 2: What is a Burden?

Lesson 3: Obedience to Pray

Lesson 4: Fight Spirit with Spirit

Lesson 5: The Woman's Role

Lesson 6: An Earthen Vessel

Lesson 7: The Wailing Wall

Lesson 8: Israel is Coming In

Lesson 9: Prayer Gives Victory in Warfare

Lesson 10: David

Lesson 11: A Call to Women

Lesson 12: The Ministry of Intercessory Prayer is for Today