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Rees Howells Intercessor Study Guide
Rees Howells Intercessor Study Guide by Norman Grubb

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Author: Norman Grubb
Format: Paperback
Length: 191 Pages
Published: 2020

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First published in 1989, Mina Kohlhafer’s Rees Howells Intercessor Study Guide is an important companion to Rees Howells Intercessor by Norman Grubb. Using Scripture passages, thought-provoking questions, and spiritual insights on faith and intercession. Mina guides readers on a chapter-by-chapter journey through the biography of Rees Howells. This new edition – now compatible for use with all editions of Grubb’s book and perfect for group or individual study – will challenge you to live out the spiritual principles of the book and, like Rees, become a dynamic intercessor.

Table of Contents:
How to Use This Workbook
Suggested Reading/Study Guide
Helpful Suggestions for the Leader
Chapter 1: Early Years
Chapter 2: Two Shocks
Chapter 3: Meeting the Risen Lord
Chapter 4: The Welsh Revival
Chapter 5: The Holy Spirit Takes Possession
Chapter 6: Loving an Outcast
Chapter 7: A Village Untouched by the Revival
Chapter 8: The Tramps
Chapter 9: Binding the Strongman
Chapter 10: A Branch in the Vine
Chapter 11: The Tubercular Woman
Chapter 12: What Is an Intercessor?
Chapter 13: Challenging Death
Chapter 14: A Father to Orphans
Chapter 15: Lord Radstock
Chapter 16: Called to a Hidden Life
Chapter 17: The Hatless Brigade
Chapter 18: The Vow of a Nazarite
Chapter 19: Uncle Dick’s Healing
Chapter 20: Called Out from Wage-Earning
Chapter 21: Madeira
Chapter 22: Marriage and Missionary Call
Chapter 23: Standing in the Queue
Chapter 24: Revivals in Africa
Chapter 25: Buying the First Estate in Wales
Chapter 26: The Bible College of Wales
Chapter 27: Buying the Second Estate
Chapter 28: Third Estate and Children’s Home
Chapter 29: The Book of Common Prayer and King Edward VIII
Chapter 30: The Every Creature Commission
Chapter 31: Ethiopia
Chapter 32: Visitation of the Spirit
Chapter 33: Fourth Estate and the Jews
Chapter 34: Intercession for Dunkirk
Chapter 35: The Battle of Britain
Chapter 36: Russia, North Africa, Italy, D-Day
Chapter 37: Home Call

About the Author:
How did the faith and prayers of a humble coal miner affect the course of World War II? Rees Howells’ updated biography by Norman Grubb tells the story of one man who progressed in faith until his prayers even altered world events. Written with humanity and humor, Rees Howells Intercessor uncovers the rich truths of the Holy Spirit.