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People Pigs and Principalities
People Pigs and Principalities by Don Dickerman

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Author: Don Dickerman
Format: Paperback
Length: 202 Pages
Published: 2014

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Angels and demons are operating all around you. Whether you believe it or not. Whether you can see them or not.

In fact, the Bible tells us there is a battle going on. Demonic powers are at war against God’s children, opposing the work of God. Angels, as part of their creative purpose, minister for God’s people. They are on our side.

In People, Pigs, and Principalities Don Dickerman gives you insightful teachings and testimonies about this spirit realm and how it intersects with your everyday life. With powerful true stories – including the inspirational story of his youngest son’s contact with angels at the age of seven – Dickerman combines the miraculous events in his own life with support from Scripture to empower you to successfully comprehend the spirit world and win your spiritual battles.
Whether you realize it or not, every day you are involved in the activity of angels, demons, and the spiritual realm. The true stories in this book will amaze and inspire you to explore God’s supernatural world for yourself.

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Gregory L. Jantz, PhD
Introduction: Why Am I Interested?
Chapter 1: What are Principalities and Powers?
Chapter 2: Insight Into the Demonic Realm
Chapter 3: The Demons’ Favorite Scripture
Chapter 4: What Makes Jesus Rejoice?
Chapter 5: Are Angels Principalities and Powers?
Chapter 6: Dad, Have You Ever Seen an Angel?
Chapter 7: Heavenly Visitor to My Wife
Chapter 8: Bones and Bonuses
Chapter 10: Recognizing Their Work in Our Lives
Chapter 11: Angels From the Throne
Chapter 12: Angelic Activity Surrounding the Birth of Jesus
Chapter 13: Do Angels Bring Healing?
Chapter 14: What Angels are Not
Chapter 15: Where Do Demons Prefer?
Chapter 16: Sleepless in Seattle
Chapter 17: Jacob’s Ladder
Chapter 18: Jesus Sends His Angel


In his latest book, Rev. Don Dickerman draws from his twenty-plus years of deliverance ministry and skillfully lays a solid foundation addressing the important issues of spiritual warfare like a wise master builder. All the while he places top priority on the atoning work of Christ on the cross by providing the biblical and commonsense tools of how to fight our enemy and his demonic powers by the authority and Lordship of Christ. The author rightfully points out, “There is no power that is not subject to His (Christ) control and beneath His name.” Dickerman’s book provides the spiritual keys necessary for every believer desiring to live an overcoming life. It is a must-read for every Christian seeking God’s victory over the forces of darkness for their lives.
Marcus D. Lamb, President, founder and CEO, Daystar Television Network

Don Dickerman has done a wonderful exposition of the spirit realm in this book. This is a practical book, written to empower its readers to successfully navigate the spirit realm without casualties. I am intrigued at the details Don went into, with powerful illustrations, giving to the dos and don’ts of winning in spiritual warfare without compromising the theological integrity of the subject. It is obvious that the greatest weapon of the adversary is the ignorance of people, which is exactly what Don has set himself to dislodge. With this book both clergy and laity can successfully navigate the cumbersome terrain of the spirit with proficiency. I strongly recommend it for your spiritual enrichment and advancement.
Dave Arogbonlo, Senior Pastor, RCCG – Living Word Chapel, Houston, Texas

The godly wisdom revealed by Brother Dickerman in this writing is priceless. Both the layperson and the scholar must not pass up the opportunity to obtain the clear balance of experience, wisdom, and knowledge this book brings to the church in an area where many have groped and gasped for an effective, proficient, comprehensive, and biblical approach to deliverance.
Bishop Annas Aytch, PhD, Pastor, Covenant Ministries Church International, Huntsville, Alabama

About the Author:

Don Dickerman, an ordained Southern Baptist minister, has directed an evangelistic ministry to prisons since 1974. Don received an anointing from the Lord Jesus to minister in the areas of deliverance and healing and has seen many lives transformed through his ministry. Prior to answering God’s call to minister in prisons, he pastured churches and worked as an evangelist. Don is a graduate from a Baptist seminary and is Spirit-filled and anointed with an exciting ministry to both prisons and churches.