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Spiritual Warfare in Satanic Ritual Abuse
Spiritual Warfare in Satanic Ritual Abuse by Patricia Baird Clark

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Author: Patricia Baird Clark
Subtitle: Exposing the Hidden Demonic Schemes of SRA
Format: Paperback
Length: 263 Pages
Published: 2017

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It is impossible to successfully minister for satanic ritual abuse without encountering and dealing with demons. The whole purpose of the abusive rituals is to call up demons from hell and “harness” them to fulfill the perpetrators’ demands for power and self-gratification.

Demons of power are put into the SRA victims during rituals and then accessed at will by the perpetrators through rape. By use of demons and programming, perpetrators are able to control their victims and e draw powers from them from a distance.

This makes SRA ministry difficult because no one really knows where the demons are or how they operate since this is all done in the unseen realm of the spirit.

This cover of secrecy is removed by the inward, spiritual interpretation of Daniel 11 disclosed in this book. Here the king of the north is identified as being the ruling demon of shame in the victim, and the king of the south symbolizes the demons used by the perpetrators for control.

Each verse reveals something about their interaction and function. It also explains how this is all leading to the establishment of the Antichrist spirit to rule the world.

However, our Prince, the Lord Jesus Christ, working through his purified end time church spoils their plans.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Shame Rules in the Victim
Chapter 2: Demons Join Forces with Shame
Chapter 3: Demons Establish a Base in the Victim
Chapter 4: Demons Instigate Rituals
Chapter 5: Drawing Powers from a Distance
Chapter 6: Destroying Innocence for Power
Chapter 7: Dissociation Aids and Abets
Chapter 8: Joining Forces to Attack Others
Chapter 9: Victory in the Church
Chapter 10: Spiritual Awakening in Christians
Chapter 11: Satan’s Emissaries Defeated
Chapter 12: The Antichrist and the Elite
Chapter 13: Drawing Powers from SRA Slaves
Chapter 14: The Antichrist Defeated
Appendix 1: All Verses with Interpretations
Appendix 2: The Entire Text of Daniel 11 (KJV)
Appendix 3: Chapter Summaries
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About the Author:
Patricia Baird Clark and her husband, Dr. F. Stoner Clark, have served together in pastoral ministry for over forty years. Additionally, she has ministered to severely abused persons on an almost daily basis since 1987. Her ministry has reached thousands worldwide through her website articles, books and multiple YouTube teachings.