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Approaching Fire DVD
Approaching Fire DVD by George Otis Jr

Price: $17.99
Author: George Otis Jr.
Format: DVD
Published: 2007

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Today, two fires blazing across the earth – both in fulfillment of end-time prophecy.
The first of these, the fires of destruction, are all too apparent – Iraq, Darfur, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Lebanon, Chechnya, Israel/Palestine. Their number, scope and intensity only grow by the day. But these infernos are now combining with the added threats of nuclear proliferation, substance abuse, human trafficking, and ideological terrorism (ala al-Qaeda). In short, the future is no longer a safe place for dreamers.

There is, however, a second conflagration spreading in our world. This one burns brighter than the first . . . but leaves no ashes in its wake. It is the fire of transforming revival. In literally hundreds of communities – from the South Pacific to Canada’s aboriginal homelands – desperate hearts are turning heavenward. God is being invited to solve that which man cannot.