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Pastors and Prophets
Pastors and Prophets by C Peter Wagner

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Author: C. Peter Wagner, General Editor
Subtitle: Protocol for Healthy Churches
Format: Paperback
Length: 86 Pages
Published: 2000

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Pastors need prophets! Their churches will be healthier with them than without them. Prophets, along with apostles, are the biblical foundation of the church. They often help take the local church to another level of experiencing Gods power that pastors long for. So why, then, do pastors and prophets often have a difficult time relating to each other as the Lord intended?

In this book, C. Peter Wagner has assembled four widely respected, hands-on pastors who have proven track records of establishing positive and productive relationships with prophets. Together, they will answer many of the vital questions surrounding this often-misunderstood subject.

  • Why are pastors often intimidated by prophets?
  • Why are prophets often hurt by pastors?
  • Why should pastors embrace the prophetic?
  • How can pastors help prophets mature in their gifts?
  • Who in the pastor-prophet relationship is the ultimate authority?
  • What protocol can pastors and prophets follow that will cause their churches to be healthy and well equipped?

As pastors and prophets come into a proper relationship with each other, they have a unique opportunity to propel the church forward with power and vision. This book is an essential tool toward making the pastor-prophet relationship all it can be!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Prophetic Protocol by C. Peter Wagner

Chapter 2: Teaming Prophets with Pastors by C. Peter Wagner

Chapter 3: Pastoring the Prophetic by Stephen L. Mansfield

Chapter 4: How Pastors Relate to Prophets by Mike Bickle

Chapter 5: The True Prophet in the Local Church by Kingsley Fletcher

Chapter 6: The Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation by Tom Hamon

Subject Index

About the Author

C. Peter Wagner serves as Chancellor of Wagner Leadership Institute and President of Global Harvest Ministries. He is a widely recognized authority in the fields of church growth and spiritual warfare, and is the author of more than 50 books including Churchquake, Apostles and Prophets and The Prayer Warrior Series.