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Spiritual Power and Church Growth
Spiritual Power and Church Growth by Peter Wagner

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Author: C. Peter Wagner
Format: Paperback
Length: 160 Pages
Published: 1986

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Why do some churches grow like wildfire? Protestantism in Latin America is growing three times faster than the general population.

The secret is the power of the Holy Spirit. Three of four Protestants in Latin America belong to Pentecostal churches.

How can we learn from this marvelously successful church growth movement? C. Peter Wagner identifies the main reasons for the expansion of Pentecostal churches and articulates key principles behind their growth in Latin America. With examples, stories and facts, he writes about how to engage the power of the Holy Spirit; involving new Christians in ministry; cell groups; training leaders in service; the importance of signs and wonders; and other valuable principles.

With a little inspiration and ingenuity, these lessons from Latin America can bring new vigor to our own congregations.

Table of Contents:

Foreword by John Wimber
Chapter 1: Pentecostal Growth in Latin America
Chapter 2: Endued With Power From on High
Chapter 3: Taking the Gospel to the People
Chapter 4: Mothers and Daughters
Chapter 5: Sowing the Seed on Fertile Soil
Chapter 6: Body Life Builds Healthy Churches
Chapter 7: Seminaries in the Streets
Chapter 8: It’s Fun to Go to Church
Chapter 9: Praying for the Sick
Chapter 10: In Non-Pentecostal Churches