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Parable of the Golden Rain
Parable of the Golden Rain by Gwen Shaw

Price: $5.99
Author: Gwen Shaw
Subtitle: An Earthly Story with a Heavenly Meaning
Format: Paperback
Length: 47 Pages
Published: 1991

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The Parable of the Golden Rain is an earthly story with a heavenly meaning. Often the truths of a parable are veiled in such a way that only the Holy Spirit can show them to the reader or hearer.

This title is so honest that it is painful, yet it is told with a sense of humor that will free you to accept the truth which it speaks. The author is qualified to tell the story of the Golden Rain because of her years of experience as missionary evangelist with living memories of seeing the Golden Rain of revival fall in the past.

The desire of the publisher is that, as you read this challenging story, God will give you a burden to pray again for the Golden Rain.