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Overcoming Evil Vol 2
Overcoming Evil Vol 2 by Les Crause

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Author: Les Crause
Subtitle: The Ultimate Deliverance Manual
Format: Paperback
Length: 298 Pages
Published: 2016

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Though there are many examples of deliverance ministry, there is still confusion about how to function correctly in this kind of ministry. It often seems to be hard to set people free from bondage. The truth is it is not that hard.

In this book, you will find complete and practical guide on how to do deliverance, set people free and overcome the evil in their lives.

You hold in your hands the most accurate and comprehensive teaching on the subject available today. By the time you have been through this you will be an expert on the subject of deliverance.

Sections in this book:

  • Ministry of Angels
  • Dealing with Demons
  • Strategies of War
  • Bringing Deliverance to Others
  • Dealing with Curses

This book is Volume 2 of 3 in the Overcoming Evil Trilogy.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Your Spiritual War
Section 1: Ministry of Angels
Chapter 2: How Angels Manifest
Chapter 3: The Angels of Heaven
Chapter 4: Personal Guardian Angels

Section 2: Dealing with Demons
Chapter 5: Spiritual Forces of Darkness
Chapter 6: Spiritual Wickedness
Chapter 7: Prophetic Intercessors

Section 3: Strategies of War
Chapter 8: How Apollyon Attacks Us
Chapter 9: Your Spiritual Armor
Chapter 10: Using Prayer to Overcome Satan
Chapter 11: A Look at Pharaoh and Lucifer
Chapter 12: Attack from the World and Man
Chapter 13: Overcome with Boldness

Section 4: Bringing Deliverance to Others
Chapter 14: Basics of Deliverance Ministry
Chapter 15: How Believers and Unbelievers Differ
Chapter 16: How to Deal with Demons
Chapter 17: Do’s and Don’ts of Deliverance
Chapter 18: Using Intercession in Deliverance
Chapter 19: More Practical Tips

Section 5: Dealing with Curses
Chapter 20: Blessing Not Always Constant
Chapter 21: Man’s Power in the Earth
Chapter 22: How to Deal with Curses
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About the Author:
Les D. Crause is the founder and apostolic father of Global Business Ministries International. Having spent years in preparation, Les has put together a ministry that combines the three roads that God has shown him. These roads are the ministry road, the business road and the social road. Les has produced many books and resources on different subjects and continues to provide teaching and training to help extend the Kingdom of God into the earth.