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Freedom Manual
Freedom Manual by Ernie and Silvia Sauve

Price: $21.99
Author: Ernie and Silvia Sauve
Subtitle: Deliverance and Inner Healing from Start to Finish
Format: Paperback
Length: 129 Pages
Published: 2023

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Sharing with a wealth of personal experience, Dr. Ernie and Silvia Sauve will take you through each step of a potentially complex process that has been simplified and presented in a way that is easy to understand and apply. This vitally important information will assist you in the heat of the battle and help you bring others into complete freedom in Christ.

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Rebecca Greenwood
Action Steps
Preparing for the Session
Prayers of Release
The Day of the Session
Deliverance Prayer
Forgiveness and Inner Healing
Breaking Soul Ties
Terminating Generational Curses
Revoking Agreement with Darkness
Demolishing Strongholds
Evicting Demons
Follow Up
Moving Forward
Appendix A: Confidential Questionnaire
Appendix B: Request and Consent to Receive In-Depth Personal Ministry
Appendix C: Deliverance Preparation Checklist
Appendix D: The Session Checklist
Appendix E: Additional Prayers of Release
Appendix F: Building a Team
DayStream Information and Tools

About the Authors:
Ernie Sauve, Jr. and his wife, Silvia Sauve, are the founders of DayStream Ministries International based in Florida. Their mission is to share and demonstrate the fresh and anointed Word of God provoking rains of revival, healing, and deliverance. Both hold their degrees from Wagner University. They specialize in the ministry of deliverance and inner healing. As a powerful team, fluent in both English and Spanish, they are working intensely with deliverance and healing seminars as well as training deliverance teams.