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Marks of the Apostle
Marks of the Apostle by Jeannette Connell

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Author: Jeannette Connell
Format: Paperback
Length: 103 Pages
Published: 2015

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The apostle is believed to not be relevant for our modern issues, struggles, and challenges. Many church communities today are divided in the ways they govern their divine purpose of supporting Christ’s teachings and example, and opinions differ on how best to promote and attain the ultimate, perfect, apostolic model that Jesus represented to Christians everywhere. The role of the apostle is as critical and necessary to Christians today as that of the prophet, pastor, teacher, and evangelist.

In this book, readers get a clear and concise list of principles to educate and challenge them to rise to God’s call, and to strive to be the ideal apostle model found in Jesus Christ. Divided into twelve crucial chapters, this book serves as a guide for growth towards the goal of leadership based on service to others and God’s church.

Within these pages, Connell focuses on the central principles found in Christ’s own authentic character and holy nature, revealed in His time on Earth. This guide also serves as a study to reveal and correct the many false apostle models that have been a disservice to God’s work, as He calls us to reach towards the highest mark found in Jesus Christ.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Jesus, the Model Apostle
Chapter 2: The Mark of Serving and Humility
Chapter 3: The Mark of Love and Compassion
Chapter 4: The Mark of Authority and Spiritual Warfare
Chapter 5: The Mark of Prevailing Prayer and Extraordinary Faith
Chapter 6: The Mark of the Spirit and Truth
Chapter 7: The Mark of Adversity and Betrayal
Chapter 8: The Mark of Holiness and Being Broken Like Bread
Chapter 9: The Mark of Endurance and Multiplication
Chapter 10: The Mark of Charity and Giving
Chapter 11: The Mark of Miracles, Signs, and Wonders
Chapter 12: The Apostolic Company