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Restoration Of The Apostles and Prophets
Restoration Of The Apostles and Prophets by Hector Torres

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Author: Hector Torres, Gen. Editor
Subtitle: How it Will Revolutionize Ministry in the 21st Cen
Format: Paperback
Length: 220 Pages
Published: 2001

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God is raising up a new generation of believers with the ministerial gifts of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers as found in Ephesians 4. These believers are taking authority in the world today and giving their valuable support to the work of the Lord. With this restoration, the body of Christ is beginning to reach its measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.

This is wonderful! The Scriptures show us that when God restores things, He not only returns them to their original condition, but He makes them even more glorious. Only when the ministry of the apostles is restored can we fully accomplish the commandment of the Great Commission to disciple the nations for the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord is preparing us to step forward to reach the cities and nations the same way the first century Church did; then He will fully establish the domain of Christ here on earth.

Table of Contents

Foreword by C. Peter Wagner



Chapter 1: The Restoration of All Things

Chapter 2: The History of Restoration

Chapter 3: The Prophetic Ministry for Revival

Chapter 4: Prophetic Authority by John Eckhardt

Chapter 5: The Making of a Prophet

Chapter 6: The Fulfillment of Your Personal Prophecy by Bill Hamon

Chapter 7: Forerunners of Change

Chapter 8: The Apostle in the End Times

Chapter 9: Spiritual Pioneers by John Eckhardt

Chapter 10: Warfare by John Eckhardt

Chapter 11: Hitching Apostles to prophets by C. Peter Wagner

Chapter 12: A Perilous Partnership by Jim Lafoon

Chapter 13: The Church of the 21st Century by Dr. Stan De Koven

About the Author

Hector Torres is the Founder and President of H.I.M., Hispanic International Ministries, and is a member of the Spiritual Warfare Network, the Apostolic Network, and Coordinator for the Prayer A.D. Movement for the Hispanic world. He received his doctorate in philosophy at the International Vision University in California. He is author of the best-selling Tearing Down Strongholds, Unmasking the Darkness of This Century, Leadership: Ministry and Battles, and Transformed Communities with Prayer.