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Nine Days in Heaven
Nine Days in Heaven

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Author: Dennis and Nolene Prince
Subtitle: Marietta Davis' Amazing Experience of Heaven
Format: Paperback
Length: 220 Pages
Published: 2011

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Just over one hundred fifty years ago, in Berlin, New York, twenty-five year old Marietta Davis suddenly fell into an unconscious state, from which neither family nor physician could arouse her. When she finally regained consciousness, she described with almost supernatural perception how angels had escorted her spirit to heaven and hell.

Her vision made her the talk of her community and a legend for generations to come.

Nine Days in Heaven brings the story of Marietta Davis to a new generation of readers. The nineteenth-century language of the original has been updated for readability, but the detailed portrayal of her vision remains intact.

  • Journey with Marietta to the shimmering reaches of Paradise, where the redeemed enjoy the beauties of the new creation.
  • Observe children who died on earth as they are taught the mysteries of God in infants heaven.
  • Grieve at the plight of the lost as they suffer the wages of sin.

Supported by biblical references and practical observations, Nine Days n Heaven is more than the fanciful creation of a young womans imagination. It is a travel guide for the life to come.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1: The Angel of Peace

Chapter 2: Deaths Gateway

Chapter 3: Welcome in Heaven

Chapter 4: First Lessons and Warnings

Chapter 5: The Boy Who Was Raised in Heaven

Chapter 6: Heavens Architecture

Chapter 7: Conflicts in Hell

Chapter 8: Despair of the Lost

Chapter 9: The Intellectual, the False Teacher, and the Heartless Worshiper

Chapter 10: Escape From Hell and Lessons Learned

Chapter 11: The Music of Heaven and the Separation

Chapter 12: Infant Instruction the Lost Man

Chapter 13: The Bethlehem Story

Chapter 14: The Justice-Mercy Conflict

Chapter 15: The Judas Betrayal

Chapter 16: Jesus the Ransom Must Suffer

Chapter 17: Apollyon

Chapter 18: The Dream of Pilates Wife

Chapter 19: The Way of the Cross

Chapter 20: The Thirty Pieces of Silver

Chapter 21: Calvary

Chapter 22: Death Defeated

Chapter 23: He Is Risen!

Chapter 24: The Lost Man Rescued

Chapter 25: Return to Earth

Appendix A: Original Testimonials

Appendix B: Infant Paradise

Appendix C: What Happens When You Die?


About eleven months ago we lost our grandson unexpectedly; he was just a few days old. I want to sincerely thank both of you for taking the time and the painstaking effort to rewrite the book that was so thoughtfully given to you. I read Nine Days in Heaven within weeks of our loss and was greatly comforted, and I read the parts pertaining to the infant paradise over and over again. Thank you again for bringing this vision back into circulation. And thank you to my friends who followed the promptings of God to pas it on to me. I have since purchased several copies of this book and have given a copy to anyone who showed an interest in reading it.

LL, Queensland, Australia

After trying to conceive for about eight years, a couple eventually had a baby boy. Tragically, when the boy was about seven years old, he died of cancer. The parents were unable to have more children and were devastated. The father contemplated suicide, thinking that in this way he would see his son again. Someone gave them a copy of this book, which helped them enormously, and the father was able to overcome his suicidal thoughts.

From a Pastor in Melbourne, Australia

About the Authors

Dennis Prince, after working for six years as a lecturer in civil engineering, attended Bible college and in 1976 was co-planter of the thriving Kingston City Church in Melbourne, Australia. Today he concentrates on Bible teaching and writing.

Nolene Prince earned a bachelors degree in music, specializing in singing, and after teaching school music also attended Bible college. After the loss of their first two babies, the Prince3s rewrote this old story in modern English to share with others the encouragement they had received from its revelations. They live in Melbourne and have three married children and nine grandchildren.