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Harvest 20th Anniversary Edition
Harvest 20th Anniversary Edition

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Author: Rick Joyner
Format: Paperback
Length: 302 Pages
Published: 1989/1993/2007

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A brief summary of this vision was first circulated in major periodicals and countless newsletters, reaching millions in just a little over a year. Called a prophetic word for our time by major Christian leaders, this is the complete vision. Since this book was first released over twenty years ago, may of its prophecies have come to pass and others are still unfolding, even those that seemed the most unlikely. This is a crucial work for understanding our time.

What is about to come upon the earth is not just a revival or another awakening; it is a veritable revolution. This vision was given in order to begin awakening those who are destined to radically change the course and even the very definition of Christianity.
Rick Joyner

Table of Contents

Introduction to the 2007 Edition

Part One The Great Awakening
Chapter 1: The Harvest

Chapter 2: Preparing for the Harvest

Chapter 3: The Travail of the Spirit

Chapter 4: Equipping the Saints

Chapter 5: The Judgment Begins

Chapter 6: Jonah, Laodicea, and the Last-Day Ministry

Part Two Kingdom Authority
Chapter 7: Spiritual Authority in the Last Days

Chapter 8: The Finished Work of God

Chapter 9: Saul Comes Before David

Chapter 10: The Persecution

Chapter 11: Preparing for Persecution

Chapter 12: Israel and the Church

Chapter 13: The Titanic and the Stock Market

Chapter 14: Faultfinders vs. Leadership

Chapter 15: Summary

About the Author:

Rick Joyner is the founder, executive director, and senior pastor of MorningStar Fellowship Church. Rick and his wife, Julie, live in South Carolina and have five children.