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New Wine is Better
New Wine is Better by Robert Thom

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Author: Robert Thom
Subtitle: The Story of One Man Who Saw the Invisible, Believed the Incredible, and Received the Impossible
Format: Paperback
Length: 207 Pages
Published: 1974

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The lively and often amusing story of Robert Thom’s life traces his downward trek from a twelve-bedroom mansion in South Africa to the hopeless world of an alcoholic on the verge of suicide.

But then Robert Thom met Mrs. Webster, and his life was forever changed. She introduced him to the saving grace of Jesus Christ, and soon he was walking in a world of faith, power, and joy.

Robert Thom’s story is a modern-day miracle that unfolds the secret of faith – how it worked in the life of Robert Thom and how it can work for you.

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Pat Robertson
Chapter 1: Poor Little Rich Boy
Chapter 2: One Peppermint Brandy
Chapter 3: A Drunk in the Holy Land
Chapter 4: Of All the Crazy Developments!
Chapter 5: That “Crazy” Mrs. Webster
Chapter 6: “J-Jesus the Healer and B-Baptizer”
Chapter 7: The House with Many Fruit Trees
Chapter 8: Hitchhiking a Thousand Miles
Chapter 9: “But God Told Me, Sir!”
Chapter 10: Going on God’s Payroll
Chapter 11: Who Needs Four Pillows?
Chapter 12: Farewell to Beds and Braces
Chapter 13: Sweet Old Bosworth
Chapter 14: One Generator with Mustard and Mayonnaise
Chapter 15: Safari to Tonetti
Chapter 16: “Get This Man Out of Town!”
Chapter 17: “But, Lord, This Is Unreasonable!”
Chapter 18: Living and Dying by Faith
Chapter 19: Despise Not Prophesying
Chapter 20: Fantastic Voyage
Chapter 21: 205 Henley Manor
Chapter 22: The Answer

About the Author:
The late Robert Thom was the author of numerous tracts as well as forty-eight books that touched the lives of countless Christians worldwide.