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Letters of Jeanne Guyon
Letters of Jeanne Guyon

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Author: Madame Jeanne Guyon
Format: Paperback
Length: 126 Pages
Published: 2014

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Madame Jeanne Guyon found the way to God through prayer in the midst of a darkened civilization. Her books describing her methods of prayer were so radical in their day that Guyon was imprisoned for several years in the infamous Bastille. Today, her writings are considered classics of Christian literature
This collection of Guyon’s thoughts and experiences was gleaned from the many letters she wrote during her lifetime, including her correspondence with her friend, advocate, and fellow theologian, Francois Fenelon.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Herm Letters
Chapter 1: Reign of Christ in the Heart
Chapter 2: turn from Self to Christ
Chapter 3: State of Assurance
Chapter 4: Humility: The Effect of Love
Chapter 5: Divine Communication
Chapter 6: Joy in Persecution
Chapter 7: Liberty in Christ
Chapter 8: Melancholy Avoided
Chapter 9: God’s Care of the Soul Committed to Him
Chapter 10: Power of the Adversary
Chapter 11: Unction of Grace
Chapter 12: Spiritual Oneness
Chapter 13: Vicissitudes in Experience
Chapter 14: Patience with the Faults of Others
Chapter 15: How to Distinguish the Movements of God
Chapter 16: State of Simplicity
Chapter 17: Quenching the Spirit
Chapter 18: Suffer the Crucifixions and Reductions of Self
Chapter 19: Reprove in Love
Chapter 20: Silent Operation of Grace
Chapter 21: Limit Not Your Sphere
Chapter 22: Secret of Divine Operations upon the Soul
Chapter 23: No Union with Selfish Souls
Chapter 24: Never Yield to Discouragement
Chapter 25: Weaknesses and Imperfections
Chapter 26: State of Advancement
Chapter 27: Greatness of Spiritual Poverty
Chapter 28: Assistance Rendered from One Soul to Another
Chapter 29: Simplicity and Power of the Word
Chapter 30: Forgetfulness of Self
Chapter 31: Diversity in Sanctification
Chapter 32: Comfort in Affliction
Chapter 33: Bearing Fruit in Union with Christ
Chapter 34: Desolate State
Chapter 35: Self-Abandonment
Chapter 36: No Dependence on Instruments
Chapter 37: Child of God Soon to Die
Chapter 38: Union of Souls in God
Chapter 39: Secret Operations of Grace
Chapter 40: To a Young Friend
Chapter 41: Final Letter to Her Spiritual Guide
Chapter 42: Glory of God, and One Desire
Chapter 43: Spiritual Union and Aid
Chapter 44: Live in the Present
Chapter 45: How to Administer Reproof
Chapter 46: Bearing the states of Christ
Chapter 47: Our Imperfections Should Not Hinder Our Labors for Others
Chapter 48: Death and Resurrection
Chapter 49: Deep, Interior Grace
Chapter 50: Self-Renunciation
Chapter 51: Unexpected Faults
Chapter 52: Apostolic State
Chapter 53: Painful Experience
Chapter 54: The Difference Between the Ecstasy of the Mind and the Ecstasy of the Will
Chapter 55: A View of Self
Chapter 56: State of a Soul in Union with God
Chapter 57: State of Rest in God
Chapter 58: Great Humiliations
Chapter 59: Repose of the Soul in God
Chapter 60: Power of Casting out Evil Spirits
Chapter 61: State of a Soul Reunited with God
Chapter 62: Concise View of the Interior Way
Part 2: Correspondence Between Madame Guyon and Francois Fenelon
Part 3: Selections from Her Poetry
A Little Bird I Am
God Everywhere to the Soul That Loves Him