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Smith Wigglesworth Devotional
Smith Wigglesworth Devotional

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Author: Smith Wigglesworth
Format: Paperback
Length: 558 Pages
Published: 1999

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Answering God’s call, Smith Wigglesworth took God at His Word with dramatic results. Sight was restored to the blind, hearing to the deaf, health to the diseased, and mental wholeness to the insane.

Even some who were dead were brought back to life.

Your faith will expand as you read Wigglesworth’s challenging insights into faith-filled living. Like Wigglesworth, you will find that you can . . .
  • Dare to do exploits for God
  • Quench your spiritual thirst
  • Conquer fears that have defeated you
  • Receive the Master’s healing touch
  • Take authority over Satan
  • Be an effective soulwinner
  • Find God’s power for daily living

As you daily explore these truths from the Apostle of Faith, you will connect with God’s glorious power, cast out doubt, build up your faith, and see impossibilities turn into realities. Your prayer life will be transformed as you experience the joy of seeing powerful results when you minister to others.

April 5

Joy in this Life

You will show me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of Joy; at Your fight hand are pleasures forevermore. Psalm 16:11

Scripture reading: Psalm 16

The Word of Life is to make your joy full. We must remember that what is absent in the world is joy. The world has never had joy; the world never will have joy. Joy is not in the five senses of the world. Feelings are there, happiness is there, but joy can only be produced where there is no alloy. Now, there is no alloy in heaven. Alloy means that there is a mixture . In the world there is happiness, but it is a mixture; very often it comes very close to sorrow. Often in the midst of festivities, there is a place of happiness, and right underneath is a very heavy heart.

But what Christians have is this: it is joy without alloy, without a mixture. It is inwardly expressive. It rises higher and higher until, if it had its perfect order, we would drown everything with a shout of praise coming from this holy presence.

We want everyone to receive the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit has a very blessed expression of the Lord in His glory, in His purity, in His power, and in all His blessed words. All these are coming forcefully through as the Holy Spirit is able to witness to you of Him. And every time the Son is manifested in your hearts by the Holy Spirit, you get a real stream of heavenly glory on earth: joy in the Holy Spirit – not in eating and drinking, but in something higher, something better. We all enjoy eating and drinking, but this is something higher, something better, something more substantial: joy in the Holy Spirit! And the Holy Spirit can bring this joy to us.

Thought for today: No one gets his answers to his prayers – he never does – for God answers prayers abundantly above what we ask or think to pray for.