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Mystical Prayer
Mystical Prayer by Charlie Shamp

Price: $15.99
Author: Charlie Shamp
Subtitle: Unlocking the Unseen Power of the Holy Spirit
Format: Paperback
Length: 119 Pages
Published: 2018

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If Christ is both the Way and the Door into Heaven, how can we find this path of mystery; this door into the unseen? Jesus Christ; the mystic staircase and vehicle of supernatural power, the very throne of grace and mercy resting over the Ark of the Covenant, hidden from ages, is waiting to be discovered. When we turn our full attention upon the beauty of Christ, we will discover the ancient path that leads us to everlasting life.

Leonard Ravenhill has often been quoted as saying, “No man is greater than his prayer life.” And while we recognize that prayer is a vital part of every Christian’s walk with God, what kind of prayer is necessary to see into the unseen? There seems to be those throughout history who encountered heaven in a much deeper way. Those who were like what Isaiah spoke of; who fly like clouds, like doves to their windows. Charlie takes you on this journey into the unseen realms of mystical prayer and reveals hidden secrets from the Holy Spirit. Learn how to walk with God in a much deeper and intimate way than you ever knew was possible. You will discover a prayer life that erases all barriers between you and God. A realm where deep calls out to the deep and revelation flows freely from the throne of grace. Get ready to discover Mystical Prayer.

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Dr. James Goll
Chapter 1: Contemplation Prayer
Chapter 2: The Prayer of the Mystic
Chapter 3: The Four Dimensions of Seeing
Chapter 4: A Prophet’s Creative Function
Chapter 5: Face to Face
Chapter 6: Pursuit
Chapter 7: Closing Thoughts
About the Author


Charlie Shamp has written a must-read for anyone that desires to go deeper in the Spirit. Mystic Prayer will open you up to prophetic face to face encounters with God and more! This book carries a weight of glory upon the pages of its modern-day revelations, in the same way that Charlie Shamp’s ministry carries a tremendous presence of God everywhere that he goes. Read this book – and prepare to unlock the unseen power of the Holy Spirit in your personal life!
Joshua Mills, Author

Mystical Prayer is one of the most supernatural, practical, and biblical books about encountering God that you will read this year. If you are tired of playing it safe and are ready to experience the radical reality of Jesus, then put all your other books aside and devour this book as quickly as possible.
Darren Stott, Pastor, Seattle Revival Center

About the Author:
Charlie Shamp is the president and co-founder of Destiny Encounters International. He is an ordained minister, cutting-edge prophetic voice and sought-after international speaker. He resides in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife, Brynn, and their three children.