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Praying Against the Storm
Praying Against the Storm by Michael David Riggs

Price: $12.99
Author: Michael David Riggs
Format: Paperback
Length: 102 Pages
Published: 2019

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Praying Against the Storm is a book of stories about how prayer has disarmed, altered, stopped, broken up, lifted, or moved storms and prevented destruction and harm to life and property. It is a compilation of stories by the author as well as by other people who have agreed to share their stories. It is also a book based upon Bible principles about the authority we have been given by Jesus over storms and violent weather. May your fear be lifted and your faith be increased as you read and meditate on Praying Against the Storm.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: My Story of Deliverance from Fear
Chapter 2: Storm Story: The Guin Tornado
Chapter 3: Jesus Spoke Peace into the Storm
Chapter 4: Storm Story: Breakfast at Hardees
Chapter 5: Following Jesus’ Example
Chapter 6: Storm Story: Protected in the Storm
Chapter 7: Weather Prophecies and Weather Prophets
Chapter 8: Storm Story: Binding What’s Riding in the Storm
Chapter 9: Binding, Loosing and Dismantling the Storm
Chapter 10: Storm Story: When You Speak to “em They Turn”
Chapter 11: A Storm Story: Interview With a Chickasaw Elder
Chapter 12: A Storm Story: Jim and Anne Bevis’ Testimony
Chapter 13: Stormy Winds That Fulfill God’s Word
Chapter 14: Storm Story: Hurricane Ivan
Chapter 15: Science Falsely So-called
Chapter 16: The Personification of Storms
Chapter 17: Storm Story: Richard Parker’s Testimony

About the Author:
Michael David Riggs was raised by parents who ingrained in him the Word of God and prayer as part of a daily lifestyle. Michael has devoted his life to the study of the Word of God. He holds a B.A. in Pastoral Theology. He has done ministry for decades, in large cities and small towns, in the USA and the nations. He has served as pastor, teacher, radio minister, a business owner and marketplace minister. He has been involved in city and regional intercession for 20 years. His college career and life experiences have shaped his life as related to prayer and intercession, as well as his knowledge of the Word of God.