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Moving in Glory Realms
Moving in Glory Realms by Joshua Mills

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Author: Joshua Mills
Subtitle: Exploring Dimensions of Divine Presence
Format: Paperback
Length: 217 Pages
Published: 2018

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Many believers today yearn for an encounter with the supernatural. They hunger to experience the glory of God they’ve only read about in the Bible. Joshua Mills believes that all Christians are intended to live, move, and operate within what he calls “glory realms.” Now Joshua opens up God’s glory by explaining the different realms, spheres, and dimensions of the kingdom. He systematically builds a faith framework in which the reader can begin to move into the glory of God with ease.

Joshua breaks down our understanding of God’s glory into three parts: first, moving in the Spirit, which is about understanding the different dynamics of faith, anointing, and God’s glory; second, moving in the supernatural by recalibrating ourselves to heaven’s frequency, working with angels, and accessing the highest power of God’s glory so that the miraculous dimension begins to manifest; and third, moving in the heavenlies, dealing with spiritual travel and prophetic encounters, manifesting divine abundance, and living in heavenly revelation. Throughout, Joshua shares many unusual and extraordinary testimonies of God’s glory working through uncommon signs and wonders, heavenly experiences, angelic appearances and other manifestations of the miraculous. Through his dynamic teaching and powerful testimonies, Joshua will not only help you understand God’s glory, he’ll also guide you into experiencing and walking in the glory every day.

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Bill Johnson
Part 1: Moving in the Spirit
Chapter 1: Realms of Faith
Chapter 2: Realms of Anointing
Chapter 3: Realms of Glory

Part 2: Moving in the Supernatural
Chapter 4: Realms of Ascension
Chapter 5: Realms of Angelic Presence
Chapter 6: Realms of the Miraculous

Part 3: Moving in the Heavenlies
Chapter 7: Realms of Manifesting Wealth
Chapter 8: Realms of Spirit Travel
Chapter 9: Realms of Heavenly Encounter
About the Author


I’m always looking for books that capture how we should think, believe, and act in this new era we have entered. Joshua Mills brilliantly sets forth understanding, recognizing, and moving in glory realms through his explanations, revelation, and experiences. This book has an amazing touch of life on it, and I felt myself lifted up into the realms he was explaining, as well as challenged to reach into greater realms. I so value Joshua, a man of great integrity and love. He has such a great heart to enlarge the spiritual eyes and understanding of this generation.
Barbara Yoder, Lead apostle and author, Shekinah Regional Apostolic Center, Ann Arbor, Michigan

While most of our natural world has already been charted, there still remains an extraordinary world just waiting for us to discover – the spiritual world of the kingdom within. Joshua is our fearless leader, pioneering this holy dimension and showing us the way forward. His insight on the vibrational frequency of music creating an atmosphere for miracles and healing our bodies is profound. His teaching on how to move from faith to anointing to glory is a true gift to the body of Christ. Moving in Glory Realms is what we were created for. Let the journey begin!
Charity Virkler Kayembe, Glory Waves Ministries, Author

About the Author:
Joshua Mills is an internationally recognized ordained minister of the gospel, as well as a recording artist, keynote conference speaker, and author of more than twenty books and spiritual training manuals. He and his wife, Janet, co-founded International Glory Ministries, and have ministered on six continents in over seventy-five nations around the world. Their ministry is located in both Palm Springs, California, and London, Ontario, Canada, where they live with their three children: Lincoln, Liberty, and Legacy.