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Mantle of Esther
Mantle of Esther by Larry Christenson

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Author: Larry Christenson
Subtitle: Discovering the Power of Intercession
Format: Paperback
Length: 155 Pages
Published: 2008

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The story of Esther offers one of the most gripping dramas in the Bible. An evil plot threatens not only the beautiful young queen but all her people. The future of the nation is stayed on one hope that Esther can intercede with the king.

From the story of Esther, Larry Christenson presents a bold view of intercession. The intercessor stands between two realms, the natural and the spiritual. Intercessory prayer brings the power of heaven down to earth. Step-by-step, Esthers intercession results in deliverance from the power of evil.

The power of evil intrudes in our lives, too. It comes under many guises schemes, betrayal, sickness, addiction. What can we do? The Mantle of Esther presents a challenge to enter that place of intercession where the enemy in our midst must yield to the authority and power of the King of kings.

Table of Contents


Part 1: Preparation for Intercession

Chapter 1: The Awesome Sovereignty of God

Chapter 2: The Training of an Intercessor

Chapter 3: The Mystery of Evil

Chapter 4: The Call to Venture on God

Part 2: The Practice of Intercession

Chapter 5: The Strategy of Intercession

Chapter 6: The Overabundant Answer

Chapter 7: The Downfall of the Evil One

Part 3: The Triumph of Intercession

Chapter 8: The Righteous Receive Authority

Chapter 9: The Rooting out of Evil by Royal Edict

Chapter 10: The Vindication and Rule of the Righteous


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