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Kingdom At War
Kingdom At War by Alan Vincent

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Author: Alan Vincent
Subtitle: Using Intercessory Prayer to Dispell the Darkness
Format: Paperback
Length: 252 Pages
Published: 2011

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From India to England and across the United States, The Kingdom at War takes an exciting, comprehensive, and prophetic view of the structure and power of todays church. In this expertly crafted teaching, you learn how the church and you have been given authority to overcome the enemy and see the establishment of the Kingdom of God in these last days.

It was during a long fast that I first began to see that building the heavenly City of Jerusalem spiritually over a region or a particular physical city on earth was the means that God had given for powerfully advancing the Kingdom of God, writes the author whose life of prophecy and revelation has brought many to a deeper and more exciting relationship with God.

Revolutionary concepts thoroughly explored include:

  • How sickness and disease are linked to demonic activity
  • Building the heavenly City of Jerusalem
  • Waging war against the foul spirit of cancer
  • Seven gates that control how people think
  • Certain numbers in Scripture that have allegorical or prophetic meaning

The Kingdom at War lifts your vision into the heavenly realm battleground and declares that you will overcome all that stands in your way of becoming victorious as you gain a comprehensive picture of the glorious destiny God designed for you.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Guillermo Maldonado

Introduction: Preparation for the Coming of the Kingdom

Chapter 1: The Glory of the Kingdom Invading the World

Chapter 2: A Balanced Understanding of Angels and Demons

Chapter 3: A Great Weapon of Our Warfare

Chapter 4: Experiencing a Flow of Miracles

Chapter 5: Government in the Kingdom

Chapter 6: A Working City Church

Chapter 7: Establishing Jerusalem The Heavenly City

Chapter 8: The Order of Rebuilding the City

Chapter 9: Jerusalem The First City Church

Chapter 10: Occupying the Gates of the Heavenly City

Chapter 11: Feeding the 5,000 A Prophetic Sign

Chapter 12: Seeking the True Bread from Heaven

Chapter 13: Confronting Major Demonic Principalities

Chapter 14: The Fourth Phase of the Kingdom

Chapter 15: Time for New Wine and a New Wineskin

Appendix A: The City Church

Appendix B: Qualities and Functions of a Local Church Within the City Church


Alan Vincent effectively re-prioritizes the Kingdom of God. He then gives us the training insights necessary to engage present-day principalities and powers from our position as seated with Christ in heavenly places. Our destiny as Kingdom citizens is to bring glory to our King. Father promises that His glory will fill the earth. As the Body of Christ, we bring Him glory individually and corporately by being transformed into the image of Christ who is Love (Agape). It is in Agape that we will see signs and wonders and miracles the power to transform and reform the pillars of our present-day society. This author clearly shows us what the Church needs to do, apart from the encumbrances of religious tradition. This book will, in my opinion, contribute greatly to our seeing the Kingdom revealed in power and glory.

Bob Mumford, Bible Teacher and Author

About the Author

Alan Vincent is an anointed veteran of the faith. Known as an apostolic father and a revelatory, prophetic teacher by leaders in many nations, his teaching builds and establishes church networks and believers to activate their faith. Originally from England, he lived and pioneered in India before coming to the United States.