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Jezebellion Vol 2
Jezebellion Vol 2 by Tiffany Buckner

Price: $14.99
Author: Tiffany Buckner
Subtitle: The Warrior's Guide to Defeating the Jezebel Spirit
Format: Paperback
Length: 284 Pages
Published: 2017

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The Jezebel spirit is as wicked today as it was nearly three thousand years ago. It has advanced against the church and continues to gain momentum because of its ability to hide itself behind the mask of religion.

Jezebellion: The Warrior’s Guide to Defeating the Jezebel Spirit is a detailed and comprehensive warfare manual written to help you explore Jezebel’s roots, understand demonic governments and learn how to cast Jezebel and her cohorts out of your life.

Jezebellion is an information-packed book that will change the way you approach warfare!

Discern. Defeat. Decapitate.

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Kynan Bridges
Chapter 1: Unmasking Jezebel
Chapter 2: Breaking Up with Jezebel
Chapter 3: Jezebel’s Web
Chapter 4: Understanding Your Armor
Chapter 5: Cleaning the Courts
Chapter 6: Rules of Engagement
Chapter 7: Defeating the Jezebel Spirit
Chapter 8: Attacking the Root
Chapter 9: Understanding Your Authority
Chapter 10: Guard Your Heart
Warfare Scriptures

About the Author:
Tiffany Buckner is the founder of Anointed Fire. The author of 36 books, including the Submissive Wife: Breaking Jezebel’s Strongarm and The Spirit of Heaviness and All Its Cousins, Ms. Buckner is a Kingdom voice and ambassador who is passionate about the ministries of healing and deliverance.