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Jezebel Spirit
Jezebel Spirit by Dave Williams

Price: $9.95
Author: Dave Williams
Subtitle: Freeing Yourself from the Spirit of Control
Format: Paperback
Length: 132 Pages
Published: 2002

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Each of us has a unique personality. Placed within that personality we all have some degree of a desire to dominate or control. This carnal desire to control can be twisted and turned by the “Jezebel spirit.” Jesus warned us about Jezebel. When that truth-twisting spirit rears its ugly head in someone’s life, the craving to control other people becomes all-consuming and, over time, turns to an addiction. That person then needs deliverance. The Jezebel spirit is a dangerously sinister spirit of control. A secretive evil spirit awaiting an opportunity to use any available vessel to rebel against true authority. This rebellion carries a serious and severe judgment with it. In this book, Dave Williams brings the Jezebel spirit out of the hidden regions of darkness, where secrets and lies fester, and into the spotlight of exposure. Learn how you can discern the pattern of this vile spirit of control, and how you can free yourself from Jezebel’s manipulating influence.

Table of Contents:ss
Chapter 1: The Jezebel Spirit
Chapter 2: Why Am I Out of Control?
Chapter 3: I Want to Control Things
Chapter 4: False Prophets
Chapter 5: Exceeding Authority
Chapter 6: Maneuvering into Position
Chapter 7: Jezebel Discourages
Chapter 8: Jezebel’s Witchcraft
Chapter 9: How Jezebel Manipulates
Chapter 10: How Jezebel Destroyed a Church
Chapter 11: Jezebel’s Bitter End
Chapter 12: The Sin of Witchcraft
Chapter 13: Using Word to Harm
Chapter 14: Power Over Jezebel’s Witchcraft

About the Author:
Dave Williams is pastor of Mount Hope Church and International Outreach Ministries, with world headquarters in Lansing, Michigan. He has served for over 20 years, leading the church in Lansing from 226 to over 4000 today. Dave sends trained ministers into unreached cities to establish disciple-making churches and, as a result, today has branch churches in the US, Philippines, and in Africa. He has authored 45 books and is a popular speaker at conferences, seminars, and conventions. Along with his wife, Mary Jo, Dave established The Dave and Mary Jo Williams Charitable Mission, a mission’s ministry for providing scholarships to pioneer pastors and grants to inner-city children’s ministries. Dave and his wife have two grown children and live in Delta Township, Michigan.