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Speaking Things Into Existence by Faith
Speaking Things Into Existence by Faith by Prayer Madueke

Price: $13.99
Author: Prayer Madueke
Subtitle: How to Make Your Words Come to Pass and the Secret Power of Speaking God's Word
Format: Paperback
Length: 118 Pages
Published: 2022

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Change Your Words, Change Your Life, Understanding the Power of Every Word You Speak!!

With this divinely provided phone number, your situation can change. You can be prosperous, and great restoration can take place in your life because all things are possible to him that believes. Those who have this key have a unique language because they know that all things are possible. If you can only believe and speak out what you believe, you will get to your promised land.

No matter how sinful you are, you can still believe Christ, repent, and forsake your sins. Faith has a voice. So, when you believe, do not stop at that level, say what you believe and stand on that even unto death.

Faith brings man and God in unity in the realm of the spirit and makes impossibilities possible in a moment. Some of the powers to fight against to have this phone number of God are unbelief to God’s word, fear, doubt, and discouragement.

One good thing about this particular phone number is that it does not discriminate, even sinners at times use this number to get to God, how much more you a believer. Many sinners out of coverage area have used this number and it worked for them. Here you can find 25 prayer points to guide you through your exercise of faith.

Words are one of the most powerful forces for change in our lives. Learn how you can harness your words and reshape your world!

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: The Word of Faith
Chapter 2: Man is a Superior Creature
Chapter 3: What Is Prayer?
Chapter 4: Understanding the Meaning of Decree
Chapter 5: The Power of Speaking by Faith
Chapter 6: Believer’s Decree
Chapter 7: The Decree of Faith

About the Author:
Prayer Madueke is a notable spiritual warfare expert. From humble beginnings, he has risen through the ranks after serving in national and international capacities. A dynamic deliverance minister, proclaimer of holiness, and a prolific writer whose works have profited many people around the world, Prayer Madueke has continued to declare that effective prayers of the righteous people avail much! Presently he is the founder of Prayer Emancipation Missions. He is happily married to Roseline and they are blessed with wonderful children.