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Jezebel by Bob Larson

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Author: Bob Larson
Subtitle: Defeating Your #1 Enemy
Format: Paperback
Length: 184 Pages
Published: 2015

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Jezebel is mentioned 22 times throughout the Bible. More than a sinister queen in the Old Testament, Jezebel is a murderous, controlling, and evil spirit that is on assignment to attack and destroy every Christian.

Bob Larson is no stranger to this spirit world. As an internationally recognized exorcist, Larson has confronted Jezebel more than any other evil spirit in exorcism. Jezebel has been responsible for everything from pride, manipulation, and lust to sexual addiction, pornography, and the destruction of families.

Get ready to fight back and . . .

  • Recognize when the Jezebel spirit is at work so you can deal with it the right way
  • Avoid the traps that Jezebel sets to destroy your relationships, church, family, and marriage
  • Discover the ten ways to conquer and break the Jezebel spirit in your life
Get equipped with the blueprint, strategies, and weapons to overcome all of Jezebel’s attacks and engage in victorious spiritual warfare against your enemy!

Table of Contents:

Introduction: Jezebel, Agent of Control, Manipulation, Murder – Enemy of the Christian Church
Chapter 1: A Phoenician Princess Reigns
Chapter 2: Lilith in Her Many Forms
Chapter 3: Control Freak
Chapter 4: The Lowdown on the Showdown
Chapter 5: The Games on Carmel Begin
Chapter 6: Jezebel’s Empire Strikes Back
Chapter 7: Run, Elijah, Run
Chapter 8: Time Out From Fighting Jezebel
Chapter 9: the Demon of Dead Women
Chapter 10: Opening the door to Jezebel
Chapter 11: Jezebel’s Arrogant Antics
Chapter 12: Jezebel: Lover of Your Soul
Chapter 13: She’s Everywhere, Everywhere
Chapter 14: Jezreel’s Dogs, Jehu’s Horse
Chapter 15: Reports From the War Front
Chapter 16: Behind the Skirts of Jezebel
Jezebel-Proofing Prayer


It is a very big honor to be friends with such a great man of God as Pastor Bob Larson. He is one of the few people who really understands the spiritual causes of many problems in the lives of people. Many difficulties that pastors and leaders face in their marriages are connected to the undercover Spirit of Jezebel. Pastor Bob’s book exposes this evil spirit and shows the way to defeat it!

Pastor Bob has an amazing gift to bring the audience into the realm of the spiritual world during his meetings. With great pleasure I suggest that everyone read this book.
Andrey Tischenko, Senior Bishop of more than 300 New Generation Churches in Ukraine, Europe and Russia

About the Author:

Rev. Bob Larson is the world’s foremost expert on supernatural phenomena. He has ministered in over 100 countries and has appeared on shows such as Oprah, The O’Reilly Factor, Good Morning America, Nightline, CNN News, and Dr. Phil. Numerous networks have produced documentaries about Bob, and he has also been featured in major newspapers. He is the author of 34 books, which have been translated into more than a dozen languages, and is the founder of the online international School of Exorcism.