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Inside the Gates of Heaven
Inside the Gates of Heaven by Oden Hetrick

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Table of Contents:

How This Book Came to Be
Part 1: Testimony of Oden Hetrick
Chapter 1: Angels from Heaven
Chapter 2: My First Visit to Heaven
Chapter 3: Divine Pattern
Chapter 4: The Outer Suburbs
Chapter 5: A Spiritual Principle
Chapter 6: A Beautiful Secret
Chapter 7: Companionship in Heaven
Chapter 8: Questions Answered
Chapter 9: through the Gates
Chapter 10: Into the City
Chapter 11: Garments of Heaven
Chapter 12: The City Mansion
Chapter 13: The Temple of Heaven
Chapter 14: The Temple Wall
Chapter 15: The Children’s Nursery Class
Chapter 16: A Class for Covenant Companions
Chapter 17: Seven Spiritual Intimacies
Chapter 18: Eternal Life and Rewards
Chapter 19: The Chamber Mansion
Chapter 20: The Throne of God and The Lamb
Chapter 21: The Face of God
Chapter 22: Bright Clouds
Part 2: Testimony of the Family
Comments – Mrs. Grace Hetrick (Oden’s wife)
Dear Ones in Glory – Sylvia Hetrick (mother)
Pattern of Things to Come – David Hetrick (son)
From My Prayer Diary – Lois Hetrick (daughter)
The Planting of the Lord – Joy Hetrick (daughter)
My Guardian Angels – Gladys Hetrick (daughter)
Stepping in the River – Faith Hetrick (daughter)
Outline of End Time Events
Who is Jesus?
About That Holy City Built by God


Inside the Gates of Heaven is one of the most compelling accounts of an individuals encounters with God in this generation. Not only does this account take you on a journey through the gates of glory, it answers some of the questions long asked by many about our eternal destination. I have personally read and re-read this account in light of what the Lord is revealing to many of us in this hour and find that Brother Oden was a forerunner for many of us. His words and experiences have been repeated through many others who have had similar experiences. The Lord is truly trying to encourage this generation with the reality that awaits all of us – Heaven, our eternal destiny.
Bruce Allen

For those unsure of the existence of Heaven, Oden Hetrick’s detailed account of his visits to the place we all long for serves as a true doubt-demolisher and faith-injector. The fact that Oden led an exemplary righteous, Christian life lends further credence to his written testimony. It was my honor both to have known him as a friend and to have been inspired by his great faith.
Steve Jones, Extra Mile Ministries

The Hetrick family is very special to me. They adopted me into their family like a daughter and sister, and have blessed me in many ways. Dad Hetrick was a genuine man of God with a gentle spirit. I trust you will be blessed and edified by what the Lord has revealed to him. I look forward to experiencing the exciting glories of Heaven soon that he has left on record for our encouragement and instruction.
Arlene A. Cober