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Dreams And Supernatural Encounters
Dreams And Supernatural Encounters

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Author: Julie Meyer
Subtitle: An Invitation for Everyone to Experience God
Format: Paperback
Length: 303 Pages
Published: 2011

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Dreams and Supernatural Encounters is a collection of personal experiences between God and an ordinary young woman through dreams and angelic visitations that are explained in great detail.

Each supernatural encounter teaches something unique about God and how He communicates with His beloved children. From the United States to Israel, to Asia, to Iceland and Poland, each experience brings God closer to hearts worldwide. From the tragedy of the sex-trade to the committed houses of prayer, each dream encourages believers who are facing uncertain seasons in life.

You are invited by Go to get involved in each season of your life and realize that He is watching and loving you. He also laughs and cries with you catching every tear in His tender and merciful hand. He makes Himself available and gives clear ways for you to approach Him.

Your dreams mean more than you know! Dont be surprised if, while reading these dreams, you think Wow, God is talking directly to me! You will be encouraged, inspired, and uplifted with every encounter shared.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Mike Bickle



Chapter 1: The Promise of Dreams

Chapter 2: Dreams and Visions From Genesis to Revelation

Chapter 3: The Pathway to Encounters

Chapter 4: Come and Sit Awhile

Chapter 5: I Am Undone

Chapter 6: The Beauty of the Myrrh

Chapter 7: Pink Slips

Chapter 8: Saul of Tarsus

Chapter 9: Becoming Fragrance

Chapter 10: April Snow

Chapter 11: Banquet Table

Chapter 12: What Goes Up

Chapter 13: Kings and Princes

Chapter 14: Out of Americas East

Chapter 15: New York City: The City of Great Lights

Chapter 16: The Key of Intercession

Chapter 17: A Storm is Coming

Chapter 18: Turning Hearts

Chapter 19: Time to Dance

Chapter 20: Kneading Dough

Chapter 21: The Sound of Abundant Rain

Chapter 22: When Justice Rolls, Go Low

Chapter 23: A Card Game

Chapter 24: A Change of Color

Chapter 25: His Instrument

Chapter 26: A City Within a City

Chapter 27: The Fear of the Lord

Chapter 28: The Book of Me

Chapter 29: Gods Arising Media Army

Chapter 30: The Big, Blue, Beautiful, Rushing, Gushing River

Chapter 31: The Watchman and the Wise

Chapter 32: When the Lamb Stands

Chapter 33: Stand Firm

Chapter 34: Gotta Get Higher

Chapter 35: The Justice Movement

Chapter 36: Climbing Jacobs Ladder

Chapter 37: Dark but Lovely

Chapter 38: Prophetic Song Arises

Chapter 39: Catch and Snatch

Chapter 40: Free Access

Chapter 41: The Arising Josephs

Chapter 42: Abiding in the Vine

Chapter 43: SOS Mountain


Julie Meyers credibility and history in receiving divine dreams and understanding their messages are striking and proven. Every dream she tells in this book, chapter after chapter, has its own unique application that is certain to be relevant to your life. As you read this book, you will gain a clearer perspective on what the Spirit is saying to the church in this hour. Get ready for your heart to burn within you.

Bob Sorge, Author, Secrets of the Secret Place

Julie Meyers pure and childlike relationship with Jesus imparts to the reader a rich appreciation for the heart of God and His presence. She is thrilled with the prospect of His love and power saturating the world of media and anointing His saints with supernatural creativity. Her fervor goes on to rivet our attention on the richest pillars of our faith, accented by the revelations of her true prophetic gift. She is the real deal, and will bring encouragement and joy to many.

Heidi Baker, PhD, Founding Director, Iris Ministries

Julie is truly a gifted dreamer. I would call her a master dreamer. She has written this book out of her own dreams and visions. If you are wanting to learn how to prophesy and pray with your dreams this is the book for you. It is her dreams and visions put to pen, and as you read you will see how God can put you on like a glove and use you even as you are dreaming.

Beni Johnson, Bethel Church

About the Author

Julie Meyer is a worship leader and songwriter at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. She is a prophetic singer who carries the glory and the presence of God. She is the author of Invitation to Encounter and a recording artist with several CDs. She has led worship and has spoken worldwide on hearing the voice of God.