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Healing the Wounded Heart
Healing the Wounded Heart by Thom Gardner

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Author: Thom Gardner
Subtitle: Removing Obstacles to Intimacy with God
Format: Paperback
Length: 265 Pages
Published: 2005

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How long are you willing to live something less than the kind of abundant life that was purchased for you at the cross of Christ? Isnt it time to conquer those hurts and failures that have distracted your attention from the face of God and placed you under the control of lies that continue to lead you away from Him?

Healing the Wounded Heart provides a simple and biblical approach of eliminating the obstacles that prevent you from intimacy with God and people. These obstacles include:

  • Fear
  • Rejection
  • Worthlessness
  • Shame
  • Insecurity
  • Defilement
  • Hopelessness

You were created for the love of God in Christ Jesus to live a life in His presence. He has provided a way to destroy the negative influences that distract your face from His. Healing the Wounded Heart provides a gentle, presence-driven approach to discover what negative influences control you, when they are triggered where they came from, and the truth that destroys the power of demonic and destructive lies we have come to believe.

Healing the Wounded Heart also includes a Personal Ministry Guide to help you apply the truth to your own life and find greater freedom in the presence of the living Christ. This experience will allow you to forgive out of compassion, uncover and break the promises you made to yourself at a time of wounding, and remove demonic strongholds in your life and your family.

Table of Contents

Authors Preface

Foreword by Don Nori


Part 1: The Need for Healing Wounded Hearts
Chapter 1: Suffer the Little Children

Chapter 2: A Fuller Gospel

Chapter 3: Living the Lies That Bind

Chapter 4: Emotional Echoes

Chapter 5: Tearing Down Altars

Chapter 6: Changing the Locks

Chapter 7: Looking Both Ways

Part 2: The Process of Healing Wounded Hearts
=Chapter 8: Are You Afraid of the Dark? (Healing for the issue of Fear)

Chapter 9: What is Your Name? (Healing for the Issue of Rejection)

Chapter 10: Living in Second Place (Healing for the Issue of Worthlessness)

Chapter 11: Crying over Spilled Milk (Healing for the Issue of Shame)

Chapter 12: Living on the Ledge (Healing for the Issue of Insecurity)

Chapter 13: Torn Sleeves (Healing for the Issue of Defilement)

Chapter 14: Staring Into Emptiness (Healing for the Issue of Hopelessness)

Part 3: Walking in the Truth
Chapter 15: To Be Continued

Personal Ministry Guide


About the Author

Thom Gardner is the president and pastor of Grace and Truth Fellowship, Inc., a ministry and local assembly dedicated to equipping and healing the Body of Christ, preparing them to minister the presence of Christ to the wounded who surround us. Thom is a graduate of Cornerstone Seminary in Harrisonburg, Virginia and travels internationally to heal and teach the Body of Christ in the mercy of God.