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Healing Your Past Releasing Your Future
Healing Your Past Releasing Your Future by Catherine and Frank Fabiano

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Author: Catherine and Frank Fabiano
Subtitle: Discover the Roots of Your Problems
Format: Paperback
Length: 223 Pages
Published: 2012

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Whether or not we remember the unmet needs and emotional wounds of our past, they shape and affect who we are today, and many of us remain stuck in our spiritual development because of them. However, God has a plan and purpose for our lives, and He wants to liberate us from the pain and shame of our past that have held us in bondage. This desire is backed up by action – He has provided a way for us to be whole, healthy and mature in this life.

In Healing Your Past, Releasing Your Future, Catherine and Frank Fabiano combine psychological research, wisdom from the bible and their own experience to form a comprehensive approach to this topic. As you read this book, you will uncover specific wounds that may have formed during developmental stages from conception through young adulthood and encounter God’s healing though a guided process of truth, revelation, redemption and restoration. You will also find hope from the stories of others who were transformed and freed from insecurity, depression, rage, suicidal thoughts and many other problems.

Table of Contents:
Foreword by John Sandford
Chapter 1: In the Beginning: Life in the Womb
Chapter 2: Being: Birth to Six Months
Chapter 3: Exploration: Six to Eighteen Months
Chapter 4: Beginning Independence: Two Years of Age
Chapter 5: Identity: Three to Five Years of Age
Chapter 6: Gifts and Callings: Six to Twelve Years of Age
Chapter 7: Integrating, Connecting, Maturing: The Early Teen Years
Chapter 8: Discovering God-Given Destiny: Mid-Teens to Young Adult Years
Chapter 9: Natural Development and Spiritual Development: The Process and Influences
Appendix A: Generational Curses
Appendix B: Control Brings Life or Brings Death

The journey to uncovering buried pain can seem like an uninvited interruption, but it is completely necessary if one is to laugh easily and love life. In Healing Your Past, Releasing Your Future, the Fabianos use real-life stories and vast knowledge to help us learn to embrace God’s complete healing for our past wounds and disarm the lodged memories that hold us captive. This book is an excellent and engaging resource for individuals, parents and ministers who truly desire to live out their true limitless heritage as children of God.
Bob and Audrey Meisner, best-selling authors

This book is an absolute must read. This is our most-loved book apart from the Bible. Frank and Catherine’s teaching, insight and practices have brought profound, deep healing. In just a few years we have seen more breakthroughs than in all the other years combined. Hundreds of our people have met Jesus and been set free to enjoy the future through this material with the power of the Holy Spirit.
Jackie Pullinger, Founder of St. Stephen’s Society, Hong Kong

About the Author:
Catherine and Frank Fabiano co-founded Dunamis Ministries Inc. As professionals educated in psychology, counseling and sociology, they ministered worldwide to the family of God for more than 25 years before Frank passed away in 2010. Their God-given wisdom in human development, biblically reinterpreted, gives a fresh revelation for ministry by the Holy Spirit that transforms lives.