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Healing Unplugged
Healing Unplugged by Bill Johnson and Randy Clark

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Author: Bill Johnson and Randy Clark
Subtitle: Insights from Two Veteran Healing Leaders
Format: Paperback
Length: 168 Pages
Published: 2012

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Bill Johnson and Randy Clark, known worldwide as bestselling authors and leaders in healing ministry, witness the miraculous regularly and see thousands touched by God each year.  But it wasn’t always so.

Now you can listen in as, for the first time, these close friends sit down to interview each other, candidly sharing their personal journeys behind life in the healing spotlight.  With honesty, humor and humility they reveal:

  • How and why they first got into healing ministry
  • The trials, errors and breakthrough experiences that propelled them forward
  • The most amazing miracles they’ve seen
  • Detailed insights and time-tested advice for more effective ministry and more!

No stages.  No spotlights.  No sound checks.  No crowds.  Just raw, rare, intimate glimpses into real lives – through both the failures and the successes – of two men devoted to God. 


Table of Contents



Part 1: Randy Clark Interviews Bill Johnson

Chapter 1: Going after Healing

Chapter 2: Growth Spurts in Healing

Chapter 3: Operating in the Unusual

Chapter 4: Electric Experiences and Breakthrough Events

Chapter 5: Seeing and Hearing God Move

Chapter 6: Keeping the Testimony

Part 2: Bill Johnson Interviews Randy Clark

Chapter 7: A Hunger for Healing

Chapter 8: Launching into Increase

Chapter 9: Reaching New Realms

Chapter 10: Breakthrough Insights and Increases

Chapter 11: The Worship and the Glory

Chapter 12: Learning to Follow God’s Lead

Chapter 13: Spectacular Stories



Healing Unplugged is like sitting down in your living room with Bill Johnson and Randy Clark as they share their personal stories of discovering how to move in and steward the healing anointing.  Each testimony carries a deposit of glory that will make you hunger for more of the presence and miracles of Jesus.  This is not a how-to manual, but a catalyst that will activate your faith to begin doing the works of Jesus wherever you go.  With humility and honesty, Bill and Randy share their learning curves as well as the trade secrets they have learned from following the Holy Spirit’s leading.  We are all enriched by the wonderful insights imparted by these special servants.  I consider them not only friends but also great models for the present-day healing ministry.

Mahesh Chavda, senior pastor, All Nations Church, Fort Mill, South Carolina


I heartily endorse this book.  Reading it is like sitting in on a discussion between two veterans in the healing ministry as they talk over very real questions based on what they have actually experienced.  This is as close as you can get to being personally mentored by Bill and Randy, who are very honest and creative in trying to answer questions on how best to pray for healing.

Francis MacNutt, Ph.D., co-founder, Christian Healing Ministries, Inc.


About the Authors

Bill Johnson and Randy Clark are the bestselling authors of The Essential Guide to Healing and worldwide leaders in healing ministry.  Bill is the senior pastor of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and Randy is the founder of Global Awakening and the leader of the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.  Through years of ministry and close friendship, Randy and Bill have seen God’s miraculous power at work and have dedicated their lives to advancing His Kingdom and demonstrating His power to heal the sick.



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