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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants by Steven Brooks

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Author: Steven Brooks
Subtitle: The Release of Mantles to the End-time Generation
Format: Paperback
Length: 194 Pages
Published: 2008

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The Lord has always anointed His people, placing mantles upon them to accomplish His work through them.

Spiritually speaking, a mantle represents the presence and power of the Holy Spirit upon your life to fulfill a particular calling or destiny. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants will teach you that:

  • The anointing within is a barrier and protection from the antichrist spirit.
  • The shoulders speak of governmental authority, "For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on His shoulders" (Isaiah 9:6).
  • The anointing upon a person can be increased through quality time spent in prayer and study of the Word.
  • The mantle of anointing of God must be highly valued and greatly appreciated by the one who receives it.
  • It is the Lord's will for mantles to be transferred to the next generation.

Author Steven Brooks shares both practical advice and heavenly mysteries as you journey with him through the spiritual realm.

Receive your mantle of anointing today and stand tall on the shoulders of giants!

Table of Contents

Foreword by Wade Taylor


Chapter 1: Where are the Mantles?

Chapter 2: What is a Mantle?

Chapter 3: The Biblical Pattern

Chapter 4: Mantles throughout the Old Testament

Chapter 5: A New Testament View of Mantles

Chapter 6: Examples throughout Church History

Chapter 7: Making the Most of a Mantle

Chapter 8: Guidelines for Receiving a Mantle

Chapter 9: Let the Holy Spirit Choose Your Mantle

Chapter 10: How I Received My First Mantle

Chapter 11: Mantles are Falling

Chapter 12: Receive Your Mantle

About the Author

Steven Brooks is known internationally for his teaching of the Word of God. He operates in signs and wonders with a powerful healing anointing. He boldly tackles the toughest cases of sickness and disease, and his unrelenting faith in God has inspired the miracle healing of many individuals diagnosed as incurable cases by medical science.