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From Curses to Blessings
From Curses to Blessings by Ken and Jeanne Harrington

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Author: Ken and Jeanne Harrington
Subtitle: Removing Generational Curses
Format: Paperback
Length: 366 Pages
Published: 2011

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You can destroy the curses that keep you sick, poor, depressed, and fearful by repenting and praying through the power of the cross, believing in faith that God will set you free and enact your blessings.

From Curses to Blessings exposes the root causes that allow curses to enter your life, including generational patterns and personal sin. From Curses to Blessings also reveals how to remove the curses as well as ways you can call down blessings into your life.

Exposed are demonic spirits associated with various generational sins. Freedom prayers are provided for you to pray enabling God to hear and heal.

Life issues discussed include:

  • Financial problems
  • Depression and fear
  • Marital issues
  • Sickness and accidents
  • Enemy attacks and faith building
  • Receiving your inheritance
  • Enacting your blessings
  • Moving into your destiny

Through the truths and Scriptures presented, many thousands of families worldwide have cut off the curses that plagued them. You too can step into freedom using the sound principles to remove the enemy and establish proper boundaries of protection around your life and your family.

Real-life stories are intertwined with doctrine, making it ideal for individual, groups, or Bible studies.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Sid Roth



Section A: The Word

Chapter 1: Are We Cursed?

Chapter 2: Open Doors

Chapter 3: Our Birthright

Chapter 4: Fruits or Roots

Chapter 5: Kingdom Clash

Section B: Generational Curses

Chapter 6: Illegitimacy

Chapter 7: Idolatry

Chapter 8: Spiritual Idolatry

Chapter 9: Idols of Self

Chapter 10: Honoring Fathers and Mothers

Chapter 11: Moving Boundaries

Chapter 12: Misleading the Blind

Chapter 13: Perverting Justice

Chapter 14: Sexual Perversion

Chapter 15: Slaying Your Neighbor

Chapter 16: Slaying an Innocent

Chapter 17: Not Agreeing With the Law

Section C: Personal Curses

Chapter 18: Curses on Honoring Self

Chapter 19: Curses on Improper Responses

Section D: Enacting the Blessing

Chapter 20: Blessings That Set Us on High

Chapter 21: Heirs of the Promises



About the Author

Ken and Jeanne Harrington are pastors/elders who desire to see the members of the Body of Christ reach their full potential. They have ministered worldwide through books and seminars about receiving inner healing and removing generational curses. Appearing on numerous television and radio shows they have spread a word of hope and deliverance.