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Come Up Higher
Come Up Higher by Paul Cox

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Author: Paul Cox
Format: Paperback
Length: 416 Pages
Published: 2011

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Come up higher! I first heard these words on August 17, 2004, in a prophetic utterance from Mimi Lowe of Toronto, Canada, as she stood within an angel:

Yes, the Establisher is here to establish what he wants to establish. Hell enlarge our spirits to receive all he has for us, to take us higher and higher, into realms beyond where weve never been and dimensions not yet uncovered. You will come closer to the glory realm; get ready for liftoff because you are going up. Come on up. You are not high enough. Angels are waiting to receive you; come on, come on, come on.

Come Up Higher is written for those who want to soar with God. Though we may be weighted down by our own issues or those passed down from our families, we dont have to stay there. This book offers insight and specific prayers to set us free to follow after God. He will set our feet upon new spiritual heights.

There is always more for those who dwell in heavenly places. Come Up Higher is a statement of faith for those who choose to believe.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Why Pray Generational Prayers? by Paul Cox

Chapter 2: Renunciation of Sins in the Family Line by Paul Cox

Chapter 3: The Inertia Prayer by Joanne Towne

Chapter 4: Prayer to Dismantle the Powers by Paul Cox

Chapter 5: Prayer to Dismantle the Roots of Rebellion by Paul Cox

Chapter 6: Prayer of Renunciation Soul by Paul Cox

Chapter 7: Prayer of Renunciation Physical Body by Paul Cox

Chapter 8: Replace Double-Mindedness with the Mind of Christ by Paul Cox

Chapter 9: Janteloven Prayer by Paul Cox

Chapter 10: The Blood and Heart Prayer by Paul Cox

Chapter 11: Renunciation of Curses: Deuteronomy 28:15-68 by Paul Cox

Chapter 12: Renunciation of Generational Druidism by Paul Cox

Chapter 13: Breaking Ungodly Spiritual Ties by Paul Cox

Chapter 14: Replacing Ungodly Elders by Paul Cox

Chapter 15: Prayer to Heal ADD by Paul Cox

Chapter 16: Releasing the Fullness of the Holy Spirit by Paul Cox

Chapter 17: St. Patricks Breastplate by Nigel Reid

Chapter 18: Releasing God-Given Spheres of Authority by Paul Cox

Chapter 19: Prayer for Chronic Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Disorders by Paul Cox

Chapter 20: Prayer to Release Financial Freedom by Paul Cox

Chapter 21: Prayer to Establish Us as Living Stones by Paul Cox

Chapter 22: Prayer to Release Intimacy with the Lord by Paul Cox

Chapter 23: The Wheel of Influence by Paul Cox and Patti Velotta

Chapter 24: Prayer of Restoration and Regeneration by Paul Cox

Chapter 25: Prayer to Release Evangelistic Healing by Paul Cox

Chapter 26: Breaking Ties to Incubus and Succubus Spirits by Annemie-Joy Munnik

Chapter 27: Divine Intervention and Releasing Your Birthright by Paul Cox

Chapter 28: Releasing the Favorable Year of the Lord by Paul Cox

Chapter 29: Rescinding the Evils of Buddhism by Paul Cox

Chapter 30: Prayer of Release from Being a Sacrifice by Paul Cox

Chapter 31: Repentance for Ungodly Intercession by Paul Cox

Chapter 32: Restoring Compassion and the Fear of the Lord by Paul Cox

Chapter 33: Release into Abundant Life by Paul Cox

Chapter 34: Prayer to Retune and Realign the Heart by Paul Cox

Chapter 35: Gods Timing and My Body Check by Lewis Crampton

Chapter 36: Renunciation of the Misogynistic Spirit by Alice Mills

Chapter 37: Deliverance from Transcendental Meditation by Terry Johnson

Chapter 38: Renunciation for Egypt by Sarah Victor

Chapter 39: Renunciation for Hinduism by Sarah Victor

Chapter 40: Renunciation for Babylon by Sarah Victor

Chapter 41: Prayer for Release into Emotional Healing by Amybeth Berner

Chapter 42: Prayer of Agreement to Bless the Jewish People by Dena Gewanter, MD

Chapter 43: Prayer for Releasing the Gift of Discernment by Paul Cox

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About the Author


About the Author

Paul L. Cox has a BA from Pepperdine University. He is a graduate of the American Baptist Seminary of the West and has a DMin from the California Graduate School of Theology. Paul has served as a senior pastor in four churches in the Pacific Southwest.

A New Zealand native, Paul lives in Hesperia, California, with his wife, Donna. They co-direct Aslans Place, which serves as a base for their international training and prayer ministry.