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Fortress Church
Fortress Church by Michael Scantlebury

Price: $18.99
Author: Michael Scantlebury
Subtitle: Built for the Glory of God
Format: Paperback
Length: 203 Pages
Published: 2012

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Dynamics of the Fortress Church 1

Jacob’s Vision

Gate of Heaven

The True Seed of Abraham

Principles and Promise of Unity


Chapter 2: Dynamics of the Fortress Church 2

The Psalmist View – Psalm 48

In Jesus Name

The Return of the Elijah Spirit

Chapter 3: Prophet Isaiah’s Vision

The Blacksmiths

Destroying Babylon

Chapter 4: The Antioch Church Model

Breakthrough Believers

Chapter 5: From Blessing to Building Model

Apostolic Vision of the Church

Solomon’s Temple – The Prototype

Chapter 6: The Church at Ephesus

God’s Ecclesia

The Body of Christ

God’s Masterpiece

The Family of God

The Temple of God

The Bride of Jesus Christ

The Army of God



What kind of church does God need in the earth today to powerfully impact the nations for Christ and advance His Kingdom in this century?  I believe this is one of the most important questions that apostles and prophets much answer.   Apostle Michael Scantlebury is a visionary apostolic leader and gifted communicator whose new book The Fortress Church contains a revelatory exposition from scripture that gives us an accurate and compelling picture of what this Church should look like. 

As Michael Scantlebury’s writing sketches for us from God’s Word the blueprint of this powerful Church of influence, he also puts an emphasis on the profound truth that only through apostolic revelation can it be clearly seen, and only by apostolic wisdom can it be accurately built.  The incredible supernatural design, architecture and dynamics of this glorious Church God has destined for planet earth is clearly found throughout Scripture.  But because of centuries of tradition, much of the pattern of how to build it has been hidden from our spiritual eyes.  The past 500 years of reformation ignited by Martin Luther and many others, have progressively brought the Church out of the dark ages, restoring to Her so many biblical truths that began to make Her strong and vibrant again.

Apostle Scantlebury takes his place as a missional thinker, risk-taking pioneer and apostolic reformer in this 21st century, who’s published works concerning present truth, the restoration of the ministry gift of the apostle and the apostolic church, is making a tremendous contribution and impact to a fresh and new apostolic reformation movement that is circling the globe in this season and growing exponentially.  I am pleased to endorse The Fortress Church as a must read for every ministry leader who desires a greater perspective and insight into the plan of God for His Church in this generation, and in the ones to come, and I want to commend Michael Scantlebury for giving us such a timely work.

Apostle Axel Sippach, Executive Director, IMPACT Network, Seattle WA


The Fortress Church is a people that not only know their identity but also operate in their identity.  Michael brilliantly brings forth revelational truth in the Heavenly standards God has set forth for His Kingdom, and for His fortress church.  Ambassadors of His eternal Kingdom, living in the ordinances of heaven on earth, will be empowered to lead the gates of society towards radical transformation.  If you want to go beyond religion and into the promises of God, this book gives you the scriptural blue print for the destiny for which you have been born.

Robert Ricciardelli, Founder, Converging Zone Network


About the Author

Michael Scantlebury is founder and Senior Elder of Dominion-Life International Ministries; and the Apostle and Founder of the Kingdom-Impact International Network.  He travels and ministers a strong Kingdom message out of a burning desire to see the Church come to full maturity for greater function in the earth.  He lives with his wife Sandra, and their three adult children in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.