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Apostolic and Prophetic Foundation
Apostolic and Prophetic Foundation by Donald Rumble

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Author: Donald Rumble
Subtitle: Building Accurately on God's Cornerstone
Format: Paperback
Length: 121 Pages
Published: 2009

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This is the very first book published under our new publishing arm, Arsenal Press. We believed so strongly in the material in this book that we put our money where our heart was and published it. This book adds to the already large library of books on the apostolic, but it brings a fresh approach as well as a balance that is missing from the other books as well as the movement as a whole. We obviously give this book our highest recommendation.

Are we building unto man or unto God?

According to the grace of God which was given to me, as a wise master builder I have laid the foundation, and another builds on it. But let each one take heed how he builds on it. 1 Cor 3:10

For the past 40+ years of the Charismatic renewal, many churches and ministries have been established in the name of the Lord. Some of these have passed the test of time, but much of what has been built has been unto man, not unto God. In The Apostolic and Prophetic Foundation, Donald Rumble unveils a picture and a plan for building upon the one true foundation, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Looking at the necessary functions of apostles, prophets, and elders, Rumble explores how these ministries can properly serve by Gods ability to build every believer into a Holy dwelling place. The Lord desires to raise up an accurate, unique corporate expression of Himself. For this task, He must bring forth a people who are wholly dependant on Him.

The Apostolic and Prophetic Foundation is a clarion call for leaders to reexamine their place in Gods building process. It truly is time for us to give the Lord back His church!

Table of Contents



Chapter 1: The Apostolic Task

Chapter 2: Apostolic Attributes

Chapter 3: Apostolic Functions

Chapter 4: Sweeping Away the Dust

Chapter 5: Losing Control

Chapter 6: What About Elders?

Chapter 7: Apostles, Elders and the Local Church

Chapter 8: Servants and Stewards

Chapter 9: A Look at the Prophets

Chapter 10: Prophets: Laying Foundations

Chapter 11: Prophets: Servants in the Church

Chapter 12: According to the Pattern?

Chapter 13: Built by Wisdom

Chapter 14: Dressing for the Lords Day


About the Author

Donald Rumble has served the Lord in Bible teaching ministry for over 30 years. He presently serves on the ministry team at Saugerties Christian Fellowship, a local church that meets in Saugerties, NY. He is the author of three other books The Ephesian Connection, The Latter Day Glory, and Fulfilling the Mystery.