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Fire Prayers
Fire Prayers by John Ramirez

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Author: John Ramirez
Subtitle: Building Arsenals that Destroy Satanic Kingdoms
Format: Paperback
Length: 207 Pages
Published: 2023

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You have an enemy that will do everything in his power to alter, edit, stop, delay, or abort your God-given destiny. Satan and his demonic kingdom have one purpose; to kill, steal, and destroy. The enemy does not want your God-ordained prophetic purpose to be fulfilled in this hour. That is why we need to pray like never before and arm ourselves with the arsenals of heaven like the ambassadors and soldiers of the Lord we are.

Filled with powerful teaching, Fire Prayers equips you with a spiritual warfare arsenal that will leave Satan and his kingdom trembling. A Former high-ranking satanic priest who has spent years on the front lines of spiritual warfare, John Ramirez shows you how to launch a prayer assault that will counter the enemy’s attempts to manipulate, control, or dominate you; hinder your relationship with Jesus; or thwart your destiny.

Table of Contents:
Introduction: Engage or Suffer Loss
Part 1: Laying the Groundwork
Chapter 1: The Ministry of Violence
Chapter 2: Ten Entrapments That Lead to Satanic Bondage
Chapter 3: Biblical Weapons Satan and His Demons Hate to Face
Chapter 4: Three Spiritual Principles to Be a Champion in Spiritual Warfare
Chapter 5: Prayers of Repentance
Chapter 6: Prayers of Renunciation
Chapter 7: Prayers for Spiritual Discernment
Chapter 8: Declarations to Strengthen Your Position in the Spirit Realm

Part 2: Disrupting Satanic Schemes
Chapter 9: The Blood of Jesus: Arsenal Prayers That Give Demons Heart Attacks
Chapter 10: Prayers to Destroy Satanic Dedications and Agreements
Chapter 11: Prayers to Destroy the Gates of Hell Over Your Life
Chapter 12: Prayers That Demolish Satanic Monitoring Systems
Chapter 13: Prayers That Destroy Demonic and Satanic Altars
Chapter 14: Prayers Against Spiritual Witchcraft Manipulation
Chapter 15: Prayers to Destroy Satanic Astral-Projecting Attacks
Chapter 16: Prayers to Destroy Satanic Hindrances and Delays
Chapter 17: Prayers That Destroy the Spirit of Fear
Chapter 18: Prayers to Destroy Demons That Attack at Night
Chapter 19: Prayers to Destroy Satanic Dreams
Chapter 20: Prayers to Destroy Sexual Dreams of Incubus and Succubus
Chapter 21: Prayers to Destroy Satanic Accidents and Witchcraft
Chapter 22: Prayers to Dismantle Demons That Mention Your Name

Part 3: Covering Your Home, Family, Well-Being, Destiny, and Church
Chapter 23: Declarations and Blessings Over Your Home
Chapter 24: Prayer Arsenals to Drive Demons Out of Your Home
Chapter 25: Arsenal Prayers When Moving into a Home or Apartment
Chapter 26: Prayers Against Demons That Destroy Marriages
Chapter 27: Spiritual Warfare Declarations Over Your Children
Chapter 28: Powerful Prayers to Protect Your Children from Demonic Attacks
Chapter 29: Prayers for Students to Be Successful
Chapter 30: Prayers to Destroy Satanic Sicknesses and Declare Healing in Jesus’ Name
Chapter 31: Prayers to Destroy Premature Death Over Your Family
Chapter 32: Prayers to Destroy Demons That Hinder Your Breakthrough and Block Your Destiny
Chapter 33: Prayers to Destroy Financial Hindrance
Chapter 34: Prayers for Self-Deliverance
Chapter 35: Prayers to Destroy the Spirit of Jezebel
Chapter 36: Prayers to Destroy Witchcraft Against Your Church
Conclusion: Never Give Up

About the Author:
John Ramirez used to fight on the enemy’s side, so he understands from an insider’s point of view how the enemy works. He now fights for Jesus Christ and uses the experience and knowledge he has to teach believers how to fight and gain victory. He is an internationally known evangelist and author and a highly sought-after speaker who teaches believers around the globe how to defeat the enemy.